Night at the Museum Trivia Solutions

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A big thanks to last_famous_words for the solutions!

Night at the Museum Trivia is one of those easy games which you can get 1400np each day. The game has two parts, first there are the questions which (if all answered correctly) you can get 300np from each game, then there is a stamp collecting game, if all 6 stamps are found you get 500np, you can also get 100np each from sending challenge cards, but you can only send 3 times a day.


– How are Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals related? Two Different Species
– The name Tyrannosaurus Rex is latin for what? Tyrant Lizard King

– This man served Lincoln as general for Union Soldiers during the Civil War: Ulysses S. Grant
– Soldiers in the confederate army during the American Civil War were nicknamed: Johnny Reb
– Why did the Neanderthals go excint? We Don’t Know
– What land mass did Christopher Columbus mistake the east asia coast? The Caribbean islands
– As a child, this man attended the funeral of Abraham Lincoln: Theodore Roosevelt
– North America has been inhabited for how long? 30,000 years
– How did Attila the Hun die? Complications from a nosebleed
– How many of the 887 Easter Island heads give off dangerous levels of radiation? Two
– Christopher Columbus discovered all of the following island except: Easter Island
– Pharaohs ruled Egypt until roughly 2000 year ago, but when did their rein begin? 5000 years go
– The Lewis and Clark expedition reached the Pacific coast on: December 3rd 1805
– One of the largest carnivores ever , this dinosaur as 40 feet long and weighed 6000 pounds: Tyrannosaurus Rex
– Capuchin Monkeys crush these and rub them on their backs to repel mosquitoes: Millipedes
– What mysterious thing washed up upon Florida beach in 1951? A 2500 year old Egyptian Mummy
– The original name for the cowboy in central mexico is: Charro
– The carved Stone head of Easter Island, also known as Moai, weighed as much as: 80 tons
– Sacagawea helped translate and worked as an ambassador for what expedition? Lewis and Clark Expedition
– A Neanderthal’s brain is how much bigger than a modern human’s brain? 20%
– This island is considered the worlds most remote, inhabited place: Easter Island
– Cowboys are also known as the following ,except: Ronin
– What makes Palaeontologists think the Tyrannosaurs might be feathered like an ostrich? Fossils
– This person was the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize: Theodore Roosevelt
– This women taught the explores Lewis and Clark how to play toe ball, an early version of Hacky- Sack; Sacagawea
– The Nina, Pinda and Santa Maria were ships on whose historic voyage? Christopher Columbus
– Explores from this country introduced horses to North America in 1400: Spain
– This kind of monkey is also known as an organ grinder monkey; Capuchin
– Only one person died during the treacherous Lewis and Clark expedition, what was the cause of death? Acute Appendicitis
– Training to become a centurion in roman times included all of the following except; Embroidering Uniforms
– During the American Civil War, the Union soldiers’ Uniform was made from a fabric called; Jeans
– These ancient Egyptians were buried in pyramids with all their riches; Pharaohs
– This is the Roman name for a commander of 100 men; Centurion
– What did native americans not invent? Sushi
– Because the uniforms of confederate solder turned brown over time they were nicknamed; Butternuts


– Start the game twice
– Finish the game twice or clicking end game twice
– Viewing about the movie twice
– Clicking visit website twice
– Finish the quiz with perfect score twice
– Send score twice

Kym Huynh


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