NeoQuest Walkthrough: Part 1 by Digi

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Helpful links: (Maps, skill information, levels to fight bosses, monster stats, and other information) (Maps, boss guides, monster stats, etc)

This is not a skill or boss guide, and the above links have very detailed information about both. I will tell you what good levels are to fight bosses as they come along, and mention specific points about bosses, but Im not going to break it all down. Refer to one of the links above for detailed information about bosses, like there hp, and all of the abilities they have. Also, all levels given are meant for normal mode games, as thats usually the people who need walkthroughs.

The basics:
To move in the game, you must click the arrows on the compass rose on the right side of the screen. Yes, you can only move a square at a time. Thats why its not wise to play NeoQuest on a slow connection. Click on your items/inventory below the compass rose to view your inventory. Weapons, armor, potions, and other miscellaneous items are kept here. You can equip or un-equip weapons and armor, use potions, or view certain in-game objects that you pick up (theres only a few of those). Potions will heal you, armor obviously) protects you from taking some damage, and weapons will help you deal more damage. Also, some weapons/armor have whats called a skill bonus, which will add, or in some cases take away, skill points. Go back to the map, and click on skills by your characters name. (At this point, Rohane.) Youll see a list of his skills, what he has in the skills, and descriptions of the skills below that. If your just starting, you wont have any skill points to spend, so youll have to gain levels!

To gain levels, you have to fight battles and win experience, or exp. When in battle, there are several options; Fight, flee, waiting for a few seconds, or using potions (if you have any). Waiting has little use, except to get yourself your first NQII avatar by losing to a monster. If you want the Avatar, just go outside the town and fight a monster, and keep waiting until your killed. Youll go right back to your starting town, but since you had no gold on you, you wont lose anything. Normally, you would lose half your gold. In insane mode, if you lose, thats it, game over, you have to restart. But in normal and evil mode, this isnt an issue, youll just be taken back to the last town you rested in.

Skill Recommendations:
There are a multitude of skill guides around, but let me give you some general tips. It wont be that detailed, this isnt a in-depth skill guide, but I will, ah, strongly suggest certain things due to their importance:

In general: Only spend 11 points on a skill. So pick five skills. Yes, I know some are leftovers-SAVE THEM! After you defeat KTI(The second-to-last boss in the game), and have gotten your final weapons, then spend remaining skill points optimally to max out good stuff. Nothing goes past 15, so if your dmg increase is at 15, and your sword ads +2, the +2 goes to waste, as does two skill points.

Rohane: Dmg. Increase and Crt. Hits are VERY useful, as is both innates. Not to much debate here. Stunning Strikes are also good. Some people like to do a focus/taunt combo, but Im a bit to offensive-ish for that.

Talinia: VERY debated on, defiantly do ranged. Multiple targets isnt really that great, your skill points should be put elsewhere. I prefer a one-by-one approach, which is taking out your enemies one by one, rather than attacking them all (see Mipsy). If you want, put some into dmg increase, and pick two of her stalling abilities, and her two innates. Im working on a possible alternative skill set idea for tally, but Im not totally sure if it will work well. I will put it here if it does. 🙂

(Sub-point: Many people debate between ranged and shockwave. However, if you drop multiple targets, and do dmg increase, plus the two innates, and those two, you can have all you need. But only if you dont max)

Mipsy: DD, NOT GDD. GDD has several problems: When used, Mipsy is stunned for a very long amount of time (it takes a while for her next move), and the opponents get to really beat up on her, while you cant heal her. All to often you see people whos Mipsy is a good half-level or more behind the others, usually because they use GDD. (Or they could be very under-leveled, so Mips. Has very little hp) Also, its better to focus all your attacks on one individual monster, as it eliminates more possible damage. Also, DD has a max dmg of 100, whiles GDD is only 64. You also really want her innates. The rest of her skills are up to you to pick, as their all pretty decent, it depends on your overall strategy. Keep in mind no character can do more dmg. Then they have hp, so dont bring DD to 11 right away. 7 or so should be fine to start, put some points in innate haste and melee defense (shell need it). Pick two of her other skills to bring your skill choices to five, there all pretty much good. (Hasting is good. *coughhackcough*)

Velm: I prefer group healing personally, most enemy monsters arent smart enough to focus their attacks on one person, thus the dmg. Is all spread around. Single healing only targets one person, and if you have more than one critical person, this could be a problem. Also, he MUST HAVE innate haste, he has to be fast, and his shields are VERY useful, and almost needed to defeat KTII. It certainly makes it much easier anyway.

The walkthrough:
To start off your game, youll find yourself in the small town of Trestin, with naught but your fathers old swordand your mother to heal you. Go outside the town and train, to around level five. Youll probably pick up potions as you go, but do not, unless your about to die and are in the red, do NOT use the potions! Instead talk to mom and rest with her. That will heal you. For your first few levels you may have to do this every other battle or so, but its worth it-youll NEED those potions, trust me! After you reach level five, go north to the cave(At this point, you want to use potions), and go to the miner foreman (use maps from links above) Afterwards head to the west, and go to the town of White River.

Youll want to stock up on as many potions you can, and new weapons/armor if you need to. Since you probably picked up a rusty chain tunic from the miner foreman, youll just need to buy a new sword. Train to level eight or so if you arent already, then enter the cave to the north-east (restock on potions if you need to). Again, use maps. Youll eventually arrive at Zombom!

Zombom is one of the most annoying bosses ever as its so early in the game, and your on your own. Be at LEAST level 10, level 11 to be safer. He casts decimate, which will take 31 of your hp out at a time, so keep your hp above 40! Toss blast potions since they will probably do more damage than you, and take down the annoying beast. Now go and go get your next character! Yes, you get another character! :O

Head back to White River. The bridge will now be down, so head across. Make sure you stock up on potions on the first side of the river though, cause youll get a discount for beating Zombom. Once your on the other side, head to the left house, and go talk to the blue Acara. Eventually, youll have the choice to have her join you. Congratulations, you just got Mipsy, a spell caster! 😀 Shell have skill points to spend, so go to it! (Refer to the skill recommendations above if you wish)
Side-note: SELL MIPSYS WAND! Her dmg. Is not affected by her wand unless you use the attack command, rather than one of the special commands to the side. DDs max damage is 100, and GDD 64, no matter what wand. Wands are only useful if they have skill bonuses, and Mipsy does not need a wand to spellcast. So just sell her wand for some extra GP! She doesnt need it, but you DO need the GP! Fully stock on potions, upgrade Rohanes stuff if you want, and nab a few resurrect potions if you can. Also, in buying Rohanes stuff: If any of your current equipments have skill bonuses, compare the current bonus to the added dmg/defense of the new item, and decide which is better, dont just buy every new weapon you see, you dont have the GP for that! You must make smart decisions when buying items.

Now exit the town south, and head for the town of lakeside-Im not going to tell you how, Im going to be assuming from now on that you have maps, considering Ive given you the necessary links. You should probably stay in hunting the majority of the game, as you do not want to become under-leveled. If you reach the level necessary to fight a boss at, and dont want to over-level, THEN switch to normal mode. Otherwise, stay in hunting. Once you reach lakeside, do the usual: Stock up on potions and check out the weapons/armor shop. But wait! Your not done yet! Go talk to the hermit in the northern part of town, hell tell you a key to get into the next area. After talking to him, exit town and head for the lost city, and the Sand Grundo.

Take Note:
There is a potions trader in the Lost City, but his prices are extremelyhigh. However, if your running low after beating the Sand Grundo, go stock up because youll need them going through the following tower.

The Lost City:
It is fairly straightforward, and the Sand Grundo is pretty much a pushover. You only need to be around level 12 to beat him, so no worriesits the tower that the orb behind him takes you to thats tough. The Wockys in there are a real pain, and theyll probably keep you on your toes, but you do need the experience. If you are running seriously low on potions while in there, switch to normal and get your rear moving to the next town! Its not worth it to die in there, trust me. Either way, after you get out of the Tower on a Hill, head to Seaside!

To get a discount on potions, talk to the potions trader first, DO NOT BUY ANY, just talk to him, then go and talk to Uthyni on the right side of town. NOW buy potions, as you now have a discount. Other than the usual, theres nothing of interest here, so check out the weapons/armor and move on to the south, and Meridell Castle!

Meridell Castle:
Fairly straightforward, just head to Ramtor at around level 14. The darn cowered just runs though when you get his hp half down! Drat it all! Well, head back, and talk to the guard at the entrance, hell heal you for FREE! This area is a good place to train because of that. Go outside, fight a battle, head back and heal, repeat, no potions used! Very nice, yes? 🙂 Anyway, restock on potions if you need to at Seaside, and when your ready/want to, head to Ramtors Tower.

Ramtors Tower:
No, you cant get through the blue force field-thingy. Drat. 😛 Just weave your way around and head for Ramtor. Beware, on the second floor there are Demonic Grarrls, which ALWAYS appear in pairs. A lot of people have trouble with them, so if you are, train on the floors below until your ready for…

While you can beat him at earlier levels, be at least 18-19 before fighting Ramtor. After defeating him, youll be taken to the next chapter, and the monsters are tougher there. Youll have a tough time if your not a decent level. If your 20, youll find the early parts of the next chapter to not be to bad. Its up to you. Anyway, he can(annoyingly) heal himself, but dont get disheartened, youll kill him eventually. Also, keep your hp above 50, because he has DD Liquefy, which will do a nasty 43 damage. Yes, ouch. But other than that, hes really not to bad. Keep an eye on your health and youll do fine, just beat the feather-brained bird down, claim your reward, and head for the next chapter!

Thanks for Reading, and hang on for the next installment to come! – Digi

Kym Huynh


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