Mia’s Makeover Solutions

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Are Princesses allowed to squeal in public or scream things like ‘Hey, girl!’ when they see one of their friends?
No way, that’s totally rude for a Princess to do

As a royal, especially when it comes to the art of conversation, it is your duty to…
Keep the conversation going

As a royal you can put your guests at ease by asking them what kind of questions?

How should you address fellow royals?
Your Majesty

How should you dress if you are a representative of your country?
Modestly and with style

How would you address an ambassador?
Your Excellency

If the conversation lags, which of the following topics will your guests be more interested in?

Current events

If you are having a sleepover, what should you NOT let your friends do?
Try on your crown

If you are served with food that you absolutely cant stomach, what should you say?
I wish I could eat this wonderful food you have prepared, but, unfortunately, Im allergic to it.

Is it acceptable to incorporate your crown with your Halloween costume?
Not acceptable at all

Is it polite for a Princess to sneak out at night, leaving her bodyguards behind?
On the politeness meter, a Princess would get a big fat ZERO for being totally rude

Say you’re Princess and one of your guests accidentally belches or breaks wind, is it okay to laugh?
Princess would never do such a thing

Tiaras, crowns and diadems should be worn with what type of hair?
Upswept or short

Utensils farthest away from your plate are used for which of the following courses?
First course

What do you do if you encounter a dance partner who has no rhythm or no clue how to move?
Just follow his lead

What is a curtsy?
A simple bending of the left knee while placing the right foot behind the left

What should a knight’s wife be addressed as?

What should you call other Princes or Princesses?
Your Royal Highness

What should you do before hitting the big ball?
Brush up on your etiquette

What should you do before meeting heads of state from all over the world?
Learn their customs

What type of jewels should you wear with your crown?
Modest jewels

When continuing conversation with The King, what should you address him as?

When continuing conversation with The Queen, what should you address her as?

Where are the dessert utensils placed?
Above your plate

Which of the follow things should you do if youve eaten something horrifyingly disgusting?
Spit it onto your fork behind your hand

Which type of dancing will you learn at Charm School?
Traditional ballroom dance steps

True or False: As a princess you are required to bow to other heads of state.

True or False: At a formal state occasion you will always find a hip-hop band or a DJ.

True or False: If you are royalty you must curtsy to your own family members when greeting them or leaving their presence.

True or False: If you look in the mirror and answer yes to ‘Does this make me look like a peasant?’, then you’ve definitely picked out the correct attire for a princess.

True or False: If you want to be really polite, you should dance with the same partner the entire night.

True or False: It is impolite to sling your legs over the arm of a chair while having a private audience with foreign heads of state.

True or False: It’s okay to take off your shoes right in the ballroom, especially if you’ve been dancing all night and your feet are throbbing.

True or False: It’s okay to wear your crown while you’re driving.

True or False: It’s rude to only try a little bit of everything that is served.

True or False: None of your guests will be entertained if you launch into a long story with a mouth full of food and drink.

True or False: Placing both of your elbows on the table is not really rude, as long as its ONLY between courses.

True or False: Princesses should always maintain good posture, even when seated.

True or False: Tiaras, crowns and diadems look tacky with long hair.

True or False: You are royalty, so its okay to encircle your plate with your arm, protecting your food from your guests.

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