Jolly Jugglers Guide by kdudley

Shoyru_Lover —  January 13, 2018 — Leave a comment

Right, here’s the secret for getting a VERY high score in Jolly Jugglers (4000+):

Go through the entire game as usual, getting as many lives as you possibly can. Once I was very lucky and got about 10 extra lives, which is rare but exactly what you want to have. Get to the seventh level, the last one before the boss. Now this is the first important bit: do the entire level, then LOSE rather than going to the next level — be killed by one or both of the PURPLE Slorgs at the very top platform, next to the portal. If you shoot at one of the Slorgs, be sure you do not have a weapon powerup, so that you don’t accidentally kill both of the Slorgs and leave yourself no way of dying. I do not recommend killing either of the last Slorgs, as sometimes bugs occur, and one shot can kill both. This will cause you to throw your computer out of the window, which is altogether undesirable. So don’t shoot at either of the last Slorgs.

Once you have completed Level 7 except for the last two Slorgs, commit suicide by them and restart the LEVEL – MAKE SURE you have got more than one life left. If you have TWO lives, you can kill yourself ONCE more. The reason I am stating this so blatantly is that some games on Neopets kill you if you have 0 lives left, some if you have 1. Jolly Jugglers kills you after you lose your last life, when it says 1 life left and you lose it. Watch this carefully.

When you have used up all your lives EXCEPT 1 restarting Level 7, you can kill both the last Slorgs and proceed to the boss level. Here is the second important bit: Do not shoot at the boss for a while. Instead, collect ammunition. This is key to boosting your score, because you can still shoot at the boss AFTER HE IS DEAD. When you have loads of ammo, kill the boss with the juggler who has the least ammo, then begin shooting. Here is the last important bit. The game will end at a certain time interval after the boss dies, but if you shoot him before that time interval, it will keep the game going. The way I gauge it is by the “1-point” sign rising off him when he is shot at; when it disappears, I shoot again. The time is longer than this, but I always get nervous and don’t want to risk taking any longer. The key here is to use your ammunition slowly and keep the game going. Every time you see another pack of ammo coming down onto the top platform, get it and get back to shooting as quickly as you can. This way you can continue shooting and earning points indefinitely, or until you are bored out of your skull.

That’s it, that’s my guide. Hope it earns you loads of points and perhaps a trophy. Cheers all!

P.S. You need only 200 points in Jolly Jugglers to get 1000 np, which makes it an ideal daily game if you want quick np. – kdudley



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