Hannah and the Pirate Caves Walkthrough by musky_dragon

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Edited by Kym Huynh

Tutorial 1

Just after you collect the last chest, go left and drop down to area below, push boulder from the right down the gap to left past ladder, drop after it, secret passage just to left of dropped boulder under broken platform.

Tutorial 2

Secret area above exit door on right jump right from platform and crawl/walk right to gem.

Tutorial 3

When you are told to run fast past falling boulders, ignore! Wait and climb up/left over boulders – in left wall – secret passage to gem.

Tutorial 4

First gap, you drop down, jump up and left secret passage to left to gem.

Tutorial 5

Jump up/left past exit door to secret passage left to gem.

Tutorial 6

Getting the level 6 gem requires a little patience and the ability to wait to open the door you complete the level as normal except you “forget” (intentionally of corse) to get at least one tresure chest (I recomend the group derectally below the door because you have to get them eventually.)

This will not work if you get all of the treasure chests before you try to get the gem.

Wait untill the water reaches the door level and climb up to the door (it isn’t opened because you don’t have all of the tresure). There is a little platform to the right of the door. Jump onto it and then jump 6 times from this point and then head left.

Keep heading left until you reach a platform. You should see two crates there. The top one contains a gem. Break the bottom box then fall down the hole. You will find yourself close to where you began at.

There is much more water now so hurry down and get the boxes that you missed then head up to the now open door. – mjpuyhappy

Level 1

  • Left a bit and jump up/hold left over the spikes into a secret passage, follow left, down, right and up to collect gem, climb ladder and crawl left into water, drop down to collect 4 chests and left to collect 1 chest.
  • Left/up – jump onto platform collecting 2 chests and a 3 boxes.
  • Right and jump up past platform collecting chests in room on right.
  • Then up to left collecting 7 chests.
  • Jump over gap to right past door to collect last chest and exit door is left.

Level 2

  • Collect 3 chests above start position then down collect 1 chest on right.
  • Jump into water – swim down first gap and left into secret passage, follow passage left to gem and return, swim to other side collecting 2 chests.
  • Jump up and break arrow box from right – move back right to avoid boulder.
  • Drop back down into water to collect revealed area chests, boxes and at end of corridor extra life – watch your air!
  • Out of water on right – jump to left platform and last chest.
  • Jump up and break arrow box from below – drops large quantity of boulders into water to your left.
  • Back into water, left and climb up the dropped boulders keep going left.
  • Up ladder, right, jump over gap and through exit door.

Level 3

  • Up ladder – collect 4 chests from 1st passage on right – continue up ladder.
  • Once at top follow passage all the way right and down – wait for water and break arrow box and move left into air gap avoiding the dropping boulders.
  • Water will now fill the passage – follow it up.
  • Climb ladder when you can get to it and left collecting 3 chests.
  • Drop down into room avoiding bird.
  • Collect single chest and break right arrow box from below.
  • Break other arrow box from right.
  • Swim/drop left to collect revealed chest swim down and left of the boulders to a secret passage in the floor! Drop all the way down, right past platform and right to gem, return to where you passed platform and jump up through secret passage, swim all the way up, refill on air if needed and to exit door!

Level 4

  • All the way left collect two chests avoiding lion.
  • Break arrow chest extreme left from below.
  • Jump into water and break arrow chest from left.
  • Swim right through passage collecting two chests.
  • Jump through wooden platform avoiding lion and jump onto dropped boulder.
  • Break arrow chest above it from below.
  • Jump right onto the 9 steel crates and up/right onto platform.
  • Collect the 8 chests – drop down to exit door.
  • Or! Left to far side jump up wall on boulders and collect gem.

Level 5

  • Jump all the way up.
  • It is easier to make sure you are off the ladders before jumping.
  • Collect extra life by jumping from ladder directly onto the extra life – it flips you into the air so you can immediately move left to avoid the spikes.
  • To make jump to platform on right jump from the floor that the exit door is on.
  • When you get to the top push boulder right into the chasm and follow it down.
  • Push it again left into the chasm and follow it down avoiding monsters.
  • Collect chests/boxes at the very bottom of the level avoiding being crushed under the boulder.
  • Jump all the way up or if you are feeling lazy let the entire chasm fill with water and swim up.
  • Exit door at top of chasm on left.
  • Or! Wait for water to fill and follow it up – just above spikes on right where the extra life was is a secret passage heading right, right, drop down, collect gem and left, jump up and swim/climb up to exit door.

Level 6

  • Follow passage right and down.
  • Break arrow box – be ready to jump! Another arrow will be coming from the right followed by one from the left!
  • Jump into water and collect 5 chests on right.
  • Break arrow box from right and move right to avoid dropping boulders.
  • Swim down to collect chests and boxes.
  • Swim/crawl through left passage to left room.
  • Collect single chest then swim left to collect chests.
  • Watch your air and swim down to collect chests at bottom of room.
  • Let the room fill with water until you can collect the last chest above to your right.
  • Swim/crawl through passage to right room.
  • Let it fill with water until you can reach exit door on right.
  • But! See that suspicious platform above jump up and keep jumping round in a big circle – secret area – at the very top/left of the level is a gem! Follow passage back round and right back to exit door.

Level 7

  • Left, down, (notice exit door beneath you) then up jumping through wooden platforms, walk onto arrow box.
  • Run/crawl right as fast as possible or you will be trapped!
  • Wait past crossroad of passages just to the left of wooden platform for all the boulders/metal crates to fall.
  • Jump into water and collect chest/boxes.
  • Follow passage right and down then left/down to collect more chests/boxes secret passage in right wall leading to infamous arrow box just out of reach. If you go this way there is another secret passage in left wall, crawl left, drop then crawl left pushing boulder in front of you to avoid spikes. Then go up.
  • Or if you didnt follow the secret passage then keep following the passage right and up until you reach the end room.
  • Collect the 3 chests, break the box above you allowing the arrow box to fall to the floor, break the arrow box by swimming into it from above.
  • Swim right and climb up passage.
  • Break dynamite box from below – crawl right to avoid splash.
  • Jump up from metal crate and over the dynamite box avoiding it.
  • Break the dynamite box from the left – allow it to explode metal boxes.
  • Go through opened passage, follow left and jump onto boulder.
  • Jump up onto wooden platform, then up/left collecting box.
  • Drop down to collect last two chests, jump out up left collecting box.
  • Drop down to break arrow box and drop down to floor.
  • Collect boxes on your left avoiding the boulder squashing you.
  • Push boulder left into gap, follow boulder down into water.
  • Swim down/right to exit door.

Level 8

  • Jump over boulder to your left and push it right into the gap.
  • Jump onto wooden platform collecting chest .
  • Jump and collect box letting dynamite box break.
  • Walk into dynamite box from right.
  • Left and down breaking arrow box.
  • Back up and right pushing boulder right out of way.
  • Avoiding bird right and up ladder.
  • Collect chests on your way from room on your left. Break all of the creates and keep crawling right through the wall into a secret area, follow through to recive a life.
  • Continue up ladder.
  • Jump over platform and avoiding lion push boulder left into gap.
  • Collect chests right and follow boulder into gap.
  • Jump over boulder move down and right and jump onto arrow box form above.
  • Jump back up gap and push boulder right to break wooden platforms.
  • Follow opened passage down.
  • Collect the 5 chests and break arrow box from right.
  • Drop down, then right collect chest and move into dynamite boxes from right creating a path up and left.
  • Crawl into left passage and follow it down and into the water – secret passage in wall on left! Follow through to room, crawl left and set off arrow box, crawl right to avoid explosions, refill on air, collect fallen gem and return right through secret passage.
  • Swim down right and break 5 boxes in first column avoiding the dropping metal boxes – once you can get any more boxes follow passage back left and up.
  • Drop down into the created gap in the metal crates and collect last chest.
  • Wait for the water now to swim up and out of gap.
  • Sometimes there is dynamite left in floor, avoid it by jumping over it!
  • Swim right then down and right through passage avoiding skull.
  • Climb ladder and through exit door.

Level 9

  • Jump left over spike and under arrow box.
  • Jump up into arrow box and quickly start jumping climbing!
  • Jump onto platform and jump onto ladder.
  • Jump onto box allow it to jump you while you hold right onto boulder platform.
  • Jump onto next box and up onto ladder.
  • Hard part now… about third way up the ladder jump right onto next ladder.
  • Same again third way up ladder jump onto next one – you have to allow enough space to avoid hitting the ceiling (that took me forever to work out).
  • Third way up ladder, jump onto wooden platform.
  • Break box above you and move left to avoid being squashed.
  • Drop down onto boulders then jump up/right to wooden platform.
  • Crawl right to collect chests, then push boulder left to drop it onto platform.
  • Fall down on top of boulder and drop right to grab ladder.
  • Just above the bottom of the ladder jump left to arrow box – hold left to jump into water.
  • Follow the passage underwater beneath you and collect chests. There is a secret passage in right wall leading to another arrow box just out of reach above you in the water. Return to original room.
  • Swim back up and right to boulders and jump out of water.
  • Collect final 9 chests and through exit door.

Level 10

  • Follow ladder down to collect chests then up to top.
  • Crawl left breaking arrow box and run/crawl left as fast as you can or my recommendation just wait!
  • Wait for boulders to stop falling and collect 2 chests.
  • Right to top boulder and jump/right to collect boxes and extra life.
  • Careful sometimes there is only a single boulder and you can move it and miss out of the extra life.
  • Left over dynamite boxes, under single dynamite box.
  • Jump up and move right just a little – when the dynamite starts exploding jump left to wall and drop down avoiding spikes.
  • Now prepare yourself…
  • Break arrow box and quickly crawl/walk/jump left collecting chests all the way, finally jumping up to a ladder against left wall.
  • Jump up to next ladder collect chest and take another breath.
  • Break arrow box and jump/crawl/right as fast as possible to wooden platform, collect last chests – exit door next to you.
  • Now you could leave the level…or
  • Jump left over gap and left down over dropped boulders.
  • Drop down first gap- you will end up in the water.
  • Crawl left and swim left to ladder above you.
  • Jump to ladder, climb and collect gem!
  • Follow ladder down and swim/crawl right to boulder (where you started).
  • Crawl right pushing boulder in front of you (watch air).
  • Jump over boulder and right up passage collecting boxes.
  • Jumping and use ladder to the top of passage.
  • Left over boulders and jump left over gap and spikes to next boulders.
  • Left, jump onto wooden platform and then jump right following boulders up and right, jump over final gap to wooden platform and to exit door.

Level 11

  • Jump up to platform above you and push boulder left.
  • Drop down and continue to push boulder left.
  • Drop down into gap, left and break arrow box from left.
  • Move right and wait for boulder to drop, crawl left and push boulder left.
  • Drop down and break arrow box from below.
  • Right, climb ladder and break arrow box, climb down and right.
  • Down right into room and collect chests.
  • Climb up and jump up wooden platforms and drop right into next room with chests, swim/jump/climb out of both rooms.
  • Back left and drop into gap again.
  • Crawl left into water, past ladder and continue left.
  • Ignore passage below you, swim left to ladder and climb it.
  • Jump over to left ladder, allow space to jump!
  • About half way up the ladder jump left to wall avoiding spikes.
  • Drop down into gap, swim left and break arrow box avoiding spikes.
  • Move right to avoid dropping metal crates.
  • Jump out of water onto metal crates and up onto ladder.
  • Left, down ladder, left, up ladder.
  • Jump left to break box avoiding arrow box falling on top of you.
  • Climb down ladder almost to the bottom then left drop onto arrow box from above.
  • Climb up right ladder, right then down and drop into the water and move to the newly revealed right passageway.
  • Swim down and avoiding skull push right boulder left into gap. Refill air from left air gap and down to the boulder beneath you and push left towards the spikes beware of skull. Crawl left and follow boulder into secret passage, left to pick up gem then right and drop down beware of next skull, Refill air and avoiding skull collect chests in this room.
  • Push boulder on floor right to break spikes and blocking wooden platform then refill on air.
  • Follow the down corridor to get extra life.
  • Back to room, avoid skull, refill air and follow room right and up corridor.
  • Break through boxes and as fast as possible swim right and up.
  • Break dynamite box let it explode blocking wooden platform.
  • Swim up into air gap on left and breathe this is hard to do in the time you have.
  • Go right and crawl/climb up to ladder.
  • Climb ladder and left to exit door.

Level 12

  • This looks so straight forward, but you need to break every arrow box in order or it is impossible, basically every arrow box is pointing to each other except one. That is the one you need to break.
  • 1, it is the one to the north west of your start position pointing down so right jump up onto wooden platforms across and drop on top of it, drop down following the arrow and collect the first chest.
  • 2, it is the one high above you to the left pointing east. So back right up the platforms and drop down onto it – you could take the next one now, it is the one just above you to the left. Jump up and hit it from below.
  • Make sure you collect the chests before taking out anymore arrow boxes – the chests will get in the way otherwise.
  • 3, next is bottom right arrow box pointing west.
  • 4, next is right arrow box pointing south – remember to keep collecting the chests.
  • 5, there are now 4 arrow boxes left in a square, next is the bottom left pointing east, break it from below by jumping up from the wooden platform below it.
  • 6, next is the left one above it pointing south.
  • 7, two left – top one first pointing west and finally the last break from below jumping up from the wooden platform.
  • But before you finish! Drop down into right hole and crawl right into secret area, crawl into arrow box and return to main area to find gem sitting on chests!

Level 13

  • This is simply collect the chests out of side passages while being chased by water.
  • Left – wait for water to fill so you can go left into passage and collect 5 chests then up and right.
  • Chest in right passage (twice) back to main passage.
  • 2 chest in passage to left – back to main passage.
  • Left passage 3 chest (down ladder).
  • Left passage 3 chests.
  • Push boulder right – 4 chests.
  • Push boulder left rest of chests.
  • Up to exit door or!!
  • Push boulder left, past ladder and down into gap.
  • Jump right avoiding exit door and continue right, crawl right into secret area, drop down and right and hit arrow box on far right. Move left to pick up gem on top of falling metal boxes, make way left and drop down, then left up and left.
  • Push boulder left into gap crawling and drop down.
  • Follow boulder down all the way – bonus area – extra life and lots of boxes.
  • Wait for water to fill area and follow passage up back to exit door.

Level 14

  • Left, down ladder and right – push all 3 boulders left into gap avoiding flying sloth.
  • Jump up and hit box letting arrow box fall do not drop to left off boulders until you have broken the arrow box you cant jump back onto them! As the arrow box drops move left then walk into arrow box from the left sending arrow right.
  • Back up ladder past exit door and move into dynamite box from left sending it right, jump up collect chest and jump over and down past metal crates.
  • Right, jump up and hit arrow box move out the way allowing metal boxes to fall .
  • Walk into arrow box from left and run right.
  • You need to collect all the chests and run left and crouch back down in the gap quickly! Allowing the 3 arrows to fly over your head.
  • Right and collect another gem.
  • Left and climb up to exit door.

Level 15

  • Left down ladder and jump onto platform.
  • Walk into arrow box and quickly jump back onto ladder, climb up and right to where two arrow boxes are. Allow then to explode and jump right over gap or you will be blocked in. wait for falling boulders to stop.
  • Drop into the gap on your left.
  • Crawl left and jump over spikes.
  • Walk into arrow box on your left and go right back up passage.
  • Wait for boulders to stop falling and drop right into water.
  • Swim down, secret passage on left wall just above the three diagonal boulders follow passage left into room, refill air and avoiding spikes collect gem on left wall and back before running out of air! right to water and right, down and up .
  • Evil bit now…
  • Jump up sending dynamite into arrow boxes. Pause just a moment then jump onto floor and straight up onto ladder and start climbing or the ladder will be blown up under you.
  • Short rest then another evil bit.
  • Walk right into dynamite box collect chests quickly then run left and jump up onto the ladder and start climbing, jump onto left floor avoiding skeleton.
  • Jump over skeleton collect chest, jump over gap.
  • Jump over next skeleton and collect chest and drop left into gap.
  • Left, drop into gap, left, drop into gap below you.
  • Jump over gap and collect chests.
  • Left and another evil bit!
  • Drop onto arrow chest, crawl left/run left as fast as you can and jump onto ladder avoiding arrow.
  • Start climbing fast!
  • Jump right towards top of ladder making sure you leave enough space so you don’t hit the ceiling.
  • Crawl right, drop down, collect chests and exit door (phew).

Level 16

  • Left collect 3 chests, right, up ladder.
  • Left collect 4 chests, right collect 1 chest.
  • Right, up ladder, jump up collect 5 chests.
  • Jump up, walk into arrow box from right and start moving down as fast as possible basically you need to drop down the gap below you into the centre area and as the passage opens up run between it collecting chests and breaking the boxes to keep moving down. Difficult to explain and you won’t have time to read! Drop straight down at the end onto the floor and move slightly right.
  • Once clear you can go to the exit door…and breathe.
  • Or! Look at the fallen crates and boulder. You will need to jump onto a safe area.
  • Right, up both ladders and jump up past wooden platforms to collect an extra life waiting right at the top.
  • Then jump left and hold left into the centre room until you are falling against the left wall. Then just keep dropping. You should end up on a boulder if you cleared all the centre area correctly. Jump left to collect gem. Jump up to hit arrow box, jump right and move into dynamite box, try to keep out of the way while the metal boxes and dynamite self-destruct.
  • Right and to exit door.

Level 17

  • Total battle against the rising water.
  • Collect boxes make sure the path is clear for the arrow to fly away to the left and send arrow on its way, wait for metal crates above you to explode and left up passage.
  • Collect 4 chests from above room and continue left.
  • Ignore chests above take the 4 chests in left room then go back to take the 4 chests you passed in the second room above.
  • Left then up and collect chests in room off left passage.
  • Right then up hit arrow box and then collect chests in room off right passage.
  • The boulders should have stopped falling so through the gap and quick air fill then collect chests in room off left passage.
  • Back right and up and collect final chests from room in right passage.
  • Left, up, right and follow passage to end for exit door.
  • But secret passage to gem through wall left of exit door!

Level 18

  • Right, down ladder and right to collect 6 chests.
  • Left, back up ladder, right through flooded room and right again.
  • Down, past ladder and right. Hit arrow box and wait for chest to fall.
  • Collect chest and swim left and up to ladder.
  • Climb ladder collect both chests and continue up.
  • Avoid skull go right. Drop down and push boulder on floor right into gap.
  • Jump up to middle wooden platform and push boulder left.
  • Drop down and push the boulder right into gap following path of first boulder.
  • Jump up to the top wooden platform and jump onto the ladder.
  • Climb ladder up and jump left over gap.
  • Walk left into dynamite, jump over boulder and push it right into gap.
  • Drop left and jump on top of arrow box.
  • Left to collect chests.
  • Secret area above left where chest was!
  • Jump up/left and left through to gem.
  • Down/right through passage and up ladder passage.
  • Right avoiding skull and drop down into room.
  • Passage to right leads down to exit door.

Level 19

  • Drop down/left and push boulder right into gap, follow it down, crawl left and push boulder right again into gap.
  • Jump up/left and jump over boulder to collect chests, push boulder right, drop on top, crawl left and push boulder right until it is on the right of the last boulder.
  • Jump up/left, up/left and repeat with the top boulder. You have three boulders in a row now, right, collect chests and climb ladder, jump left to collect 4 chests and back onto ladder and up, jump over first boulder and push second left into gap, drop down to follow and push boulder right until it breaks first wooden platform. Jump up right and back onto ladder, jump left to push last boulder left into gap and follow to push boulder right and break last platform. Drop down hole and crawl right then hold right to run fast to collect chests, let the boulders fall and crawl over them left.
  • Collect the 4 chests and go down the ladder.
  • Jump up the platforms on left and collect chests, jump under left arrow box pointing north, move right and let the boulder past and move left quickly and drop after the boulder, wait until boulders have finished dropping.
  • Drop down gap to collect 4 chests, jump up/left and drop down.
  • Now we have to drop the right boulders to break the platforms in order.
  • Work right from left.
  • Middle platform on right, push boulder off platform left.
  • Jump to top platform, push right boulder off platform to right.
  • Push left boulder off same platform to left.
  • Bottom left platform push boulder off platform to right.
  • Middle left platform push boulder off platform to right.
  • Finally push top left platform boulder off platform to left.
  • Collect chests revealed by boulders on floor right to left and follow passage left, collect the 8 chests drop and collect the 4 chests.
  • Walk into arrow box from left and wait for first arrow to pass. Then quickly drop down and hold right. Jump up right ignoring chests for moment and hit arrow box above you, a gem will drop, collect it then drop down and quickly collect chests on right in room and run back left before you are trapped by falling boulders.
  • Left now to exit door!

Level 20

  • Fast level coming!
  • Drop left.
  • Then you have to do all the rest of the level in one!!!
  • Jump into arrow then just keep going by jumping from one platform to the next platform collecting all chests. You follow right upwards then left upwards and back right upwards until you reach spikes…
  • Wait until boulders start dropping and as they drop run right as soon as you can. Drop right down into the gap at the end avoiding further dropping boulders collecting chests then go left and wait. Run left as soon as the arrow has set off the dynamite, run over the platform and drop down collecting the last chest run to the exit door!
  • Or! Wait. Drop onto the boulders below the exit door and left through secret passage, left to end, jump up platforms, right to gem then return left, down and jump back up to exit door. – musky_dragon

Kym Huynh


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