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Thanks to Kathryn, Bitey_Chewy and StarznRainbowz03 for the answers!

All 3 major female characters all hail from what state – Texas
All 3 major male characters all hail from what state – Pennsylvania
At first, which of Justin’s features is Kelly’s favorite – Irresistible smile

Before leaving for vacation Kelly sings at what location – Dive bar

From Justin to Kelly is also known as…? – J2K

In this story, Miami sure has a… – Rhythm of its own
In what city does “From Justin To Kelly” take place – Miami, FL
In what location were the beach scenes filmed – South Florida

Justin, Brandon, and Eddie are members of what clique – Pennsylvania Posse

Kelly sees a flyer for what type of contest – Best Bikini

The movie’s production schedule involved mostly filming, singing and… ? – Dancing
To see all of the fun and romance of “From Justin To Kelly” you should … – See the movie

What actor plays the character Brandon – Greg Siff
What actor plays the character Eddie – Brian Dietzen
What day will “From Justin to Kelly” be released into theaters – June 13th
What is the name of Eddie’s cyber dream girl – Lizzy
What time of file least describes “From Justin to Kelly” – Horror
When Kelly and Justin first meet, what best describes their relationship – Mutual attraction
Which Actor Plays the Character Justin? – Justin Guarini
Which actress plays the character Kaya – Anika Noni Rose
Which actress plays the character Kelly? – Kelly Clarkson
Which character plays Alexa – Katherine Bailess
Which of Kelly’s friends also likes Justin? – Alexa
Which of the following is Justin Guarini’s favorite song from the film – Timeless
Which of the following is Kelly Clarkson’s favorite song from the film – Pool Party Madness
Which world famous choreographer worked on the film – Travis Payne
Who turns out to be Kelly’s true friend – Kaya
Why can’t Justin find Kelly after their first meeting? – He loses her phone number

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