BVI Trivia – The Haunted Mansion Solutions

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Many thanks to Happy__K and Giggzabit for the answers!

How many children does Jim Evers have? – 2
How many ghosts haunt the mansion? – 999

The Haunted Mansion is based on a Disneyland ride. What other blockbuster movie was inspired by a Disneyland ride? – The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Back Pearl
The movie “The Haunted Mansion” is based on which of the following? – A famous Disney Theme Park Park ride in Disney Land

What character in the movie says this line: “Dark Spirits lift us…” – Madame Leota
What hour do they need to break the curse by? – The 13th hour

What is Michael Evers afraid of? – spiders
What is the name of Mrs. Evans? – Sara
What is the name of the butler? – Ramsley
What is the name of the supernatural psychic that helps Jim? – Madame Leota
What is the occupation of Jim Evers? – Real Estate Agent
What object must Jim Evers find to break the curse of the haunted mansion? – Key
What was Jim Evers hired to do? – Sell the mansion
What was the name of the character played by Eddie Murphy? – Jim Evers
When does the movie open in Singapore theatres? – 11 March
Which actor in the movie says this line: “People love bathrooms, we should play up the whole toilet angle” – Eddie Murphy
Which actor in the movie says this line: “We are the Evers from Evers and Evers Real Estate?” – Jim Evers
Which character in the movie says this line: ‘Dark spirits lift us.’? – Madame Leota
Which movie studio produced the movie? – Disney
Who is the current owner of the mansion? – Master Gracey
Who is the six-time Academy-Award winning Special Make-Up Effects Designer for this movie? – Rick Baker
Who plays Ezra, the spooky carriage driver? – Wallace Shawn
Who plays Jim Evers? – Eddie Murphy
Who plays Madame Leota? – Jennifer Tilly
Who plays Master Gracey? – Nathaniel Parker
Who plays Ramsley? – Terrance Stamp
Who plays Sara Evers? – Marsha Thomason

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