BVI Trivia – Brother Bear Solutions by lisasplushies

Kym Huynh —  March 27, 2016 — Leave a comment

Q. How many brothers does Kenai have?
A. 2

Q. How many songs did Phil Collins compose for Disney’s Brother Bear?
A. 6

Q. If Tuke is a moose, what are Tuke and Rutt?
A. Moose

Q. In Brother Bear, who is Tanaha?
A. The Shaman woman of the tribe.

Q. Sitka, Kenai’s brother, recieved a totem representing guidance. Which animal is it?
A. Eagle

Q. What is another name for the Aurora Borealis?
A. The Northern Lights

Q. What is the name of Rutt’s brother?
A. Tuke

Q. What is the name of the song that Tina Turner sang in Brother Bear?
A. Great Spirits

Q. What is the name of the young bear that befriends Kenai?

A. Koda

Q. What does Kenai’s totem represent?
A. Love

Q. What is Kenai searching for?
A. the place where the light touches the earth

Q. What kind of animal is Kenai turned into?
A. a bear

Q. When does Disney’s Brother Bear open in Singapore cinemas?
A. 4 December

Q. Where is Koad trying to go?
A. The Salmon Run

Q. Which character says “I’m a raging ball of brown fur?”
A. Koda

Q. Which animal is Kenai’s totem?
A. Bear

Q. Which Disney animation prior to Brother Bear was Phil Collins involved in?
A. Tarzan

Q. Who is Koda hoping to meet up with?
A. his mother

Q. Who provides the voice of Kenai?
A. Joaquin Phoenix

Q. Who sings the theme song in Disney’s Brother Bear?
A. Phil Collins

– by lisasplushies

Kym Huynh


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