Attack of the Marblemen Solutions by lilbabykau

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The following are mapped solutions on how to complete the game Marblemen 🙂

The blue dot is where the bumper should be placed. This solution will give you the coin which will give you 10 points and get you in the goal fast enough to give you 9 points, making your overall score 19 .

In this one place the bumpers in the following order to get a whopping 16 points: Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Weird Blue, Weird Red.

Put the bumper down on the first regular red dot, then the dark one, then the red one, then the dark one. This should get you about 8 or 9 points, I keep getting both for some reason .

Ok remember regular red first, then dark. So in this case the first red that you would do is the one at the upper part of the board. Once the marble comes bouncing or running down, make it go left, then bounce it back really quickly, then hit it down the goal . This should get you about 9 points .

For this one as usual hit the regular red, dark red, then the regular red. This one is pretty simple compared to the other ones and should net you an easy 8 points .

This level is relatively easy compared to the other levels. Basically you place the bumper on the red dot on the same line the marble is traveling, then place the bumper on the dark red dot right above the red one, and lastly place a bumper on the area parallel to the coin, making you hit it and making the marble go in the goal netting you an easy 18 points .

It scares me how suprisingly simple this level is. I know there is two marbles, but don’t let them intimidate you . It doesn’t matter which bummers you place first, just place them as fast as you can. If you do it this way it will get you an amazingly simple 9 points .

In my opinion this is the actual first “hard” level. First you are going to have to really put down the bumpers to hit both marbles to the right. This is very tough to do and I have only successfully done it about 25 times out of about 30. It is a very hard thing to execute and you must have very fast reflexes to do so. After that place the bumper to hit the farthest right one back to the left, you do not have to do this but I suggest you do to get more points. After that place the bumper to hit the far left one up above the goal then hit it back down again. After that quickly place the bumper to hit the right marble down into the goal. *takes a deep breathe*. If you actually do that successfully you will get a whopping 8 points . Otherwise if you do not complete the first part, well then just improvise .

In all honesty I really don’t have a set strategy for this level. All I can say is try to get the marble going down into the goal first then the one that is going up in the beginning that is now going down into the goal. It is really hard to control both of the marbles at the same time, but if you can, you a really good at this game . The best I have gotten is an 8 but you can probably get a 6 – 8.

Ok this is a pretty easy level. First you have to make both marbles level with each other by going after the red dots directly under the marbles. If you want to go for the green path, then definitely put the bumper under that one first then put one under the far right marble. If you follow the green path then immediately after you put the two bumpers down then put the bumper on the light green dot down. After the first marble hits that bumper, put another one down in the same place. Next go up and put a bumper down to make the first marble level with the area above the goal, once the first marble hits it, put another one down again. Lastly hit both marbles into the goal to net about 7 points. If you can not make the green path, then basically follow the red path, but using the same strategy as the green one, i.e. once the marbles hits the bumper then put another down. This way should get you about 5 or 6 points.

This level is pretty easy, first you place the bumpers on the red dots right below the marbles, then you put a bumper on the dark red dot right by the red marble’s spot. After the red marble hits the dark red bumber place a bumper to hit the red marble into the goal by the blue marble after the blue marble has move passed it. Then place a bumper above the goal by the red marble to hit the blue marble up, then bounce it back down into the goal. This method should get you about 8 points :).

To complete this level with 8 to 9 points, hit the blue marble to make it parralel with the goal. Then hit it down, and into the goal. Quickly hit the red marble to go parallel with the red goal, hit it back the other way, up, then into the goal.

Ok this may look confusing at first but it is quite simple. First you hit both of the marbles to the opposite goal, then after the red marble passes the blue goal, put a bumper down to hit the blue marble in once it gets there. Next hit the red marble down to make it parallel to the goal, then you hit it towards the coin, then hit it back the way it came, the hit the red marble towards its goal, hit it above the goal, then back down into the goal for 17 points :). Don’t forget to hit the red marble toward its goal after making it parallel with the goals ;).

For this one, make the the marbles parallel with the goal, then hit the marble on the left side back toward the goal, then into the goal, next hit the other marble back towards the goal and into it for 8 points :).

This is very similar to the last level, just follow the instructions from that level and modify them for this one ;).

This may look like a very hard level, but it is actually really easy :). First hit both marbles up, then hit them to the right, then when the blue one is to the right of the bomb, hit it down, then to the right, then up into the bumper and into the goal. Now as the red one comes back hit him down to the left of the bomb, then hit him right, just above the bomb for 10 points, hit him back, down, to the right, up, then down into the goal for a total of 15 points :). – Seth (lilbabykau)

Stay tuned for more levels coming soon! – lilbabykau

Kym Huynh


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