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Hey, so you’ve all seen the new game Wingoball. Maybe you’ve ignored it to continue your favorites (in that case, why are you reading this?!) but perhaps you’d like to try your luck (which is more likely).

There are twenty levels total, and each is supposedly more difficult than the last. The whole point of the game is to get the ball to the right side of the screen. To do this, you must pass obstacles such as plants and stubborn gnomes.

Timing is everything; not only do you have to click the mouse at exactly the right time, but you only have 30 seconds to complete the level! It is my hope that this tutorial will help you greatly. If you have any questions, please neomail me.

How to Use

The ball in these images is where you should place your mouse in the game. If you do it right, and time it correctly, it will pass to the right side without difficulty.

Level 1

This level is pretty self-explanatory. No timing required.

Level 2

Same as level one. Just make sure the angle is correct.

Level 3

It’s a bit tricky here. Before starting the next level, make sure your mouse is aligned with the gap.

Level 4

This can be extremely annoying. Wait until the gnomes form sort of a triangle and aim.

Level 5

Pretty easy; just follow the correct angle.

Level 6

Avoid the red gnomes. Just time it right.

Level 7

Make sure you get the angle right!

Level 8

The timing is tricky here. Wait until just before the gnomes provide an opening and click!

Level 9

Same as Level 8.

Level 10

Oooohhh… I hate this one. Aim either at the top or bottom and wait just before the opening comes. This is pure timing and luck.

Level 11

I’m not sure why, but I’ve never made it by aiming for the top. Just aim for the bottom. If the gnomes catch it, make your angle a little wider.

Level 12

It’s all in timing. Aim right and wait for the gnomes to hit the bottom.

Level 13

Wait for the green gnomes to appear as in this picture and aim when the red gnomes close the gap.

Level 14

Just time it right.

Level 15

Not too difficult. But it can be a bit tricky if you don’t get the angle just right. Keep trying.

Level 16

Have the same angle as in the picture and it’ll be a breeze.

Level 17

Uggg… TNT seems to like these, don’t they? Aim at the bottom and click as soon as the first line reaches the top.

Level 18

Timing is tricky. Get the ball through the first gap and watch it bounce. Is you’re lucky it’ll go through. If not, well, you know what to do. BASH THE COMPUTER IN Try again. 😛

Level 19

Almost done! Get the angle right and you’ll be fine.

Level 20

Whee! The last level. It may look easy, but the angels are difficult to get. You’ll have to do this one on your own. Good luck! – Po3trychild



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