Wheel of Mediocrity Guide by StarlightMagic13

Gaby —  March 19, 2017 — Leave a comment

“Officially the most mediocre game in Tyrannia!” I don’t think so! I think it is a bargain! It only costs 50 neopoints to play and you do have a good chance to get something pretty good or at least saleable.

The wheel has 16 spaces and out of those 16 only 4 will do something really bad to you! 2 do nothing. All the rest of the 10 give you something! For 50 nps in my opinion its worth a try!

You can win 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 1,000 neopoints.

You can also win Tyrannian food by landing on the gray horseshoe crab looking thing or a Tyrannian Petpet when you land on the Airax. When it comes to the petpets I have won several Scados, Airaxs, and Gruslens.

There are 3 spaces I have not yet landed on so I have no idea what they do. They are the Earth Faerie, the Aisha Skull and the Black Blob thing which I assume is either a pile of sludge or some mote.

I have been told that the Earth Faerie gives you food, the Aisha Skull makes your pet sick and the Black Blob cost your pet hit points. Sorry, I do not know for sure since I have not landed on them myself. – SandRranch

Landing on the earth faerie will give you an earth faerie trading card.

The spaces which I do know that can damage your neopet are the Fire Flames – that rain down on you and the Pterodactyl – that bites you. The red Grarrl has only growled at me and if he does more I haven’t had it happen to me yet.

The Grey stone will get you a piece of Tyrannian furniture. The obelisk is like a safety spot…it does nothing but give you the urge to go look at it. I play the Wheel of Mediocrity daily and usually more than once a day. Like the Wheel of Excitement there is a wait between plays. The Wheel of Mediocrity had been lucky for me I think it is worth spending the neopoints for a spin! – StarlightMagic13



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