Wheel of Mediocrity Guide by mrsandrewreynolds

Gaby —  February 25, 2018 — 6 Comments

There are 15 different outcomes on the Wheel of Mediocrity:

  1. 100 NP – You win 100 NP.
  2. Ariax – You win a random Tyrannian petpet.
  3. Trilo Bite – You win a random piece of Tyrannian food.
  4. 50 NP – You win 50 NP.
  5. Shrine – You get the follow message: “You feel a strange desire to visit the obelisk… nothing else happens.” This refers to Coltzan’s shrine and the Lost Desert plot. It’s pretty useless now.
  6. Fireballs – You get the following message: “Fireballs rain down from above and singe your NeoPets :(” and your neopet will lose a random amount of hit points.
  7. 1,000 NP – You win 1,000 NP.
  8. Gnarrl – You get the following message: “A Grarrl appears and ROARS at [Your active pet]! however your pet does not lose any hitpoints.
  9. 10 NP – You win 10 NP.
  10. ***) Aisha Skull – There are no bump stops on this section of the wheel, therefore it is impossible to land on this space.
  11. 200 NP – You win 200 NP.
  12. Tar Pit – You get the following message: “You accidentally drop your [random item in your inventory] into a Pit of Tar… it sinks out of reach :(” and you lose a random item.
  13. Earth Faerie – The earth faerie will increase a level in one of your pet’s abilities.
  14. 20 NP – You win 20 NP.
  15. Pterodactyl – You get the following message: “A Pterodactyl swoops down and BITES [active pet]” and your active neopet will lose a random amount of hit points.
  16. Stone Chair – You win a random piece of Tyrannian furniture.

The Wheel of Mediocrity may seem like it’s not worth playing, but for 50 NP your chances for winning something worth more than that are pretty good.

I spin this wheel and the Wheel Of Excitement regularly and I have had much more success with this wheel.

You can check out my gallery for a collection of the prizes that I have won from the Wheel Of Mediocrity!



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6 responses to Wheel of Mediocrity Guide by mrsandrewreynolds

  1. The only thing I don’t really like about the Wheel of Mediocrity is how long it takes to spin. Does anybody know off-hand the actual amount of time it takes, or a way to bypass that?

  2. Oh wait, haha, I was thinking of Wheel of MONOTONY for the time… whoops, haha. Ignore my above comment. 😉

  3. Yep you mean Wheel of Monotony up there. 😉

    Looks like you don’t need me to point it out though haha. Nice.

  4. This is cool, but now it is 100 neopoints and there are different things to land on since it has changed:)

  5. The Wheel of monotony takes 5-7 hours to spin and the only thing you can do is just leave it sitting there.

  6. I really like just having a break from studying and stopping by your site. I just wish you posted more regularly.

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