Whack-A-Staff Member Guide by Warrior_Babe2000

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This is a truly fun game, especially if you are frustrated at TNT (The Neopets Team) for not making that NQII plushie that you have always wanted more available or that your faerie paint brush got stolen or something along those lines!! So it’s time to get back at them the best way!

Aim of the game

To hit as many staff as possible in each level in order to get enough points (75 points in 30 seconds) to move on to the next level.

How to get this

Make sure the end of the mallet (the handle part) is in the middle of the staff members forehead. This will guarantee that you will whack them 90% of the time.

I usually always play with the screen set to large size because having it too big is totally and utterly useless as it takes too much time to move the mouse (or other hardware) across the screen. NEVER use full-screen mode, especially if your resolution is at 1024×786 or 1280×1024 (like mine) because its MASSIVE!!! It will take up precious time moving your mallet across the screen!

ALWAYS go for the girls first! They always give you heaps more points than the guys. For example, Donna is worth a whole 20 points! This is a lot compared to the guys who you could only get say 2 points!

If you are on a slow dial-up computer and find that the mouse drags you should try lowering the quality to medium or low. In medium it’s still basically the same, so no excuses for whacking a neopet! It gets a bit worse on low, so you might need to be extra careful about who you whack, especially after Level 8 or so.

The higher level you advance to, the less chance you have of hitting a staff member. So there are 2 main things. Go for the girls as I said before, they yield a better score, and go for the staff member you know who has a higher score. So for example, if you see Adam on one side and another staff member (say the one worth 2 points) you would OBVIOUSLY go for Adam first, then if you have time go back to the other one. Think LOGIC!!

Don’t hit the poor neopets! It’s not their fault they are locked in TNT’s office!! There are 3, which pop up to try to distract you.The yellow Kacheek, The blue Blumaroo and the Usul with green on it. Now you don’t need to worry about these unless you whack them and then you will get 10 points deducted. The one you need to look out for the most, especially in the higher levels is the yellow Kacheek. It looks the most like a person so try to watch out for it.

You need to BREATHE!!!!! When I first started playing this game I went totally nuts and was in a frenzy to hit them all. Calm down and breathe. The more you breathe the better your concentration because more oxygen will get into your system. And obviously the better your concentration the more likely you wont get all tense and keep hitting the neopets instead of the staff.

Don’t whack like crazy! It just is a total waste of energy, and you are more likely to hit a neopet. You should plan ahead a little to make sure who you whack and who you don’t.

Most of all this, like anything else takes some practice!! So in no time you should be whacking away and have reduced stress!! Hope this was helpful!



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