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There are three levels of Usuki Frenzy II. In each level, you will guide your character, Lucie, around the eight rooms of her house and help her pick up the Usuki doll sets that are on her list (located on the left panel). The object of the game is to find all the sets as quickly as possible, and you must find all of them before time runs out.

If you pick up a set that is not on Lucie’s list, you must put it on one of the four red bookcases found throughout her home (see below for locations). You MUST do this, or you will not be allowed to pick up any other sets.

At the end of each round, you will receive a time bonus. The time bonus is equal to the time left at the end of the round divided by two, so if you have 100 seconds left, your time bonus will be 50.

Usuki dolls are worth 16 points, but you are not required to get them. The Usuki dolls are always found in the same rooms but are not always accessible. For instance, you sometimes cannot reach the Magical Hair Usuki during the third round because it’s too far away from the edge of the dining room table.

During level two, a Magical Hair Usuki is located in the living room. During level three, a Magical Hair Usuki is located in the dining room, and a Hula Girl Usuki is located in the kitchen.

The secret Ballerina Usuki is located in the pink bedroom. To get this doll, you must hold down the arrow key, making your character press against the blue computer’s keyboard, and press the space bar. The doll should appear. You can only do this once per game, but you may do it during any level. To save time, wait until a level comes along where you need one of the items from the pink bedroom, then get this doll.

There are twenty-four different Usuki sets in this game, and each is worth 15 points. Luckily, the sets are always in the same place. This is helpful if you are attempting to get a high score and win a trophy. Also helpful is the fact that you are able to see the list of items you need before the round begins. This means you can plan your route beforehand.

The map below tells you where each set is located. As not all the sets have official item names, I have nicknamed them. I suggest that you sketch a similar map for yourself with your own nicknames, and use it to plan the most efficient route through the house.

Level 1

  • Sets to Find: 4 (60 points total)
  • Time Allowed: 180 seconds
  • Bonus Points:
    • Pink Bedroom – Ballerina Usuki (16 points) – see above

Level 2

  • Sets to Find: 7 (105 points total)
  • Time Allowed: The amount of time left after round one
  • Bonus Points:
    • Living Room – Magical Hair Usuki (16 points)
    • Pink Bedroom – Ballerina Usuki (16 points) – see above

Level 3

  • Sets to Find: 10 (150 points total)
  • Time Allowed: 179 seconds
  • Bonus Points:
    • Dining Room – Magical Hair Usuki (16 points)
    • Kitchen – Hula Girl Usuki (16 points)
    • Pink Bedroom – Ballerina Usuki (16 points) – see above

Location of Red Shelves

  • Blue Bedroom: North wall
  • Pink Bedroom: North wall
  • Living Room: Southwest corner
  • Dining Room: South wall


  • * TITLE * = A red shelf is located in this room
  • – – – — – = You must go south from the Pink Bedroom to access the Pirate Set
  • Doll Once = The secret Usuki doll is located in this room
  • LV 2 Doll = a Usuki doll is located in this room during level 2
  • LV 3 Doll = a Usuki doll is located in this room during level 3


If you’re looking for a high score, I suggest restarting the game until you’re given items that are close together.

If you collect all the items AND the Usuki dolls before time runs out on each level, you should have 363 base points. Generally for a high score you will need over 600 points, which means you have to:

Keep in mind that you can make Lucie move faster by pressing more than one of the arrow keys at the same time. You may not be able to easily control her, but I suggest experimenting with the feature and deciding for yourself.

Also keep in mind that it’s very easy to accidentally run into the wrong sets when you are entering a room. An especially tricky place is when you are going north from the kitchen into the garden. Unless you are as far to the right as you can be, you will inevitably run into the Queen set on the other side of the doorway.

Remember that the Pirate set can only be collected by going south from the pink bedroom. Every other room has a doorway to each room that it shares a wall with; however, you cannot access the Pirate set from the garden. – Illyandria



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