Ultimate Bullseye 2 Guide by lilstr93

Gaby —  June 18, 2017 — 1 Comment

You don’t have to adjust the catapult up or down. The only thing that really matters is how long you hold the space bar down to powerup your arrow. The best spot to stop the power is right when it reaches the arrow tip. This will get you on the target almost every time. If the target is the farthest away from the catapult you will want to hold the power just a bit longer. If it closest to the catapult you may want to hold it just a bit shorter. The key is to get your power level somewhere in the central red area of the power bar. If your able to hold the power down and get it to stop right on the tip of the arrow you should get a bullseye.

Always hit the balloons when possible. Even if you can’t hit both. Hitting the red balloon gets you 5 bonus points on its own. Which is better than only getting one point for hitting the outer ring of the target. When you hit the red balloon and the target you get a very large amount of points. I have gotten around 33 points when I hit both. The yellow balloon also gives you bonus points.

Whenever you get a powerup, try to save it to the end. This way you have a higher chance of getting a bullseye. If you get a bullseye on your last throw you get three more throws. Thus you get more points.The first powerup enlarges the size of the target. Try to power up your arrow when the target is smaller that way it will be biggest by the time the arrow hits.

The ring of fire multiplies your score by two. But it is sometimes hard to hit both the ring of fire and the target so be careful.The third power up will move the target closer and farther away from the catapult. Again, throw the arrow when the target is farthest away that way you will have a higher chance of hitting the bullseye.The triple arrow power up is not very helpful unless you have a balloon. But since you do not know when the balloons appear it is difficult to use them for that. I just aim like I always do. The central arrow will hit the target and the other two will most likely miss.

The last powerup is inverted. Hitting the side of the target counts as a bullseye and hitting the center counts as a miss. This one is difficult because you get so used to hitting the center and then you have to hit the side board. But it is possible. Hitting the right arrow key will advance the target without having the animation of it being brought in. Punchbag Bob will appear like it did in the first game. But be careful. Hitting the right arrow key after he appears will make him go away and you will loose the opportunity to throw the arrow. – lilstr93



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