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Heard about Turmulus? Can get enough of that little…ergh.. huge Turmac? This game for you! Help this little Turmac turn big as Turmulus! (Hopefully he won’t eat the Turmulus.. hehe) The game points are fair, but I wished we’d get more chances to get high scores. The graphics are great and it’s addictive. I’d highly put my bet on this that it’s one of the best Neopets game! Try it your self. I like to do the medium level myself. There’s more points, more berries and tons and tons of more jumping! (Call me a hopper!)

I’ve realize that when pressing the up and right button you can jump in the last moment. It even works for trees’ stumps! Beware for the cliffs jutting out of the ground. It can end your game easy as that! The tree trunks and mud are no worry as long as you jump high enough. I usually aim for the all the berries whenever I can. But if there is a tree stump coming up 10 seconds ahead I advise you not to try to get it.

Berries / Points / My Opinion
Snidbery = 1 point (I usually avoid them. There’s a lot!)
Loveberry = 2 points (I barely see them)
Chiaberry = 4 points (If only I could eat one…)
Conkerberry = 8 points (Weird name, I think Adam made that up. I usually miss them)
Voidberry = 20 points (The cheapest ones I saw cost about 100k)
Juicy Berry = 50 points (Love them! Easy to get too!)
Unguberry = 100 points (Way too small for me to get.)
Aquaberry = 200 points (The big banana! Ultra rare! Watch out for them.)

Questions About The Game
Q) Is there a pattern in the game?
A) Looks like it, but beware of the tree stump spacing.

Q) How do you make the Turmac faster? Mine’s always the same speed!
A) Jump then press the right arrow button.

Q) Are there trophies for the game?
A) Unfortunately no… or at least not yet at this time of writing (May 2004). You should contact Neopets about that.

Q) How much do you average everyday?
A) About 567-750 everyday.

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