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Kym Huynh —  November 19, 2017 — Leave a comment

Well, first things first. Get familiar with the berries. Sounds stupid, I know, but wouldnt you hate it if you chose a sniddberry over an aquaberry? (To see what I mean, look at the table below.) Before you study and your brain explodes, let me just say that I personally dont have the exact numbers memorized. The only thing you really need to know is which berry is better in relation to another. Isnt that simpler than all the numbers?

Easy Medium Hard
Sniddberry 1 2 3
Loveberry 2 4 6
Chiaberry 4 8 12
Conkerberry 8 16 24
Voidberry 15 30 45
Fishberry 25 50 75
Jumbleberry 50 100 150
Juicy Berry 75 150 225
Unguberry 100 200 300
Aquaberry 200 400 600

Below is the guide for the easy berries, and pictures. Just substitute the values for the medium and hard levels.

Turmac Killers!
Heres a list of all the things that can kill the Turmac. There arent any pictures, because you should know what they are. If not, go down a bit in the Where to Jump section where the pictures are.

Tree Stumps, large and small.
Hills that are vertically flat on one side, large and small.
Mud isnt a killer, it just slows you down if you need to jump, which can kill you, so its best to avoid.
Where to Jump Next, the hills. These are what tell you when to jump, by the shape, where the next hill is, and whether or not its cut off at the top.

^ This hill is cut off at the top, and it usually has a tree stump, mud, or a spike hill behind it.

^ Whenever there is a gap of space, it usually means there is a tree stump or a spike hill behind it.

^ Jump whenever there is a small hill like this, because there is almost always a mud pit and a small spike hill.

^ This took me a while to learn, even though I knew what was behind it. Most likely a large spike hill, if you dont jump where indicated, youll die unless youre lucky.

^ This one really isnt a danger, but more of a tip. If you see a berry nestled in between hills like this, there is always another one a little further ahead. Jump the hill right after the berry, and you should be able to grab the other.

1. Always hold the right arrow key down.
2. Always go on the hard leveltheres really no difference from the easy level, except point values.
3. Before you select the level difficulty, type in aquaberry (without the quotes). This will increase your chances of getting an aquaberryonce I got 2 in one game!
4. Dont sweat it if you miss an aquaberry. It happens to pretty much everyone Ive missed maybe 10 or so before.
5. This is an easy game, so try not to send in the score unless its 700-800+

Hope this guide helps! – ashleyb

Kym Huynh


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