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Kym Huynh —  December 26, 2017 — Leave a comment

Toybox Escape is a great game to earn quick and easy Neopoints, in around 5 minutes you could earn 1000+ Neopoints. It’s fairly simple, each Neopets can do a certain power, click on the picture of their head at the bottom to begin the power, you have to get ALL of the Neopets safely to the exit. Here are some hints and tips to help you get to and beyond, the final level…

1. This is probably the most important thing, get the coin. No matter what it takes you really must get to that coin. The maximum score for a level is 40 points, of which the coin makes up 20 points. Worry less about the time, you’d rather loose say, 2 points by getting the coin. Then 10, by not getting it. Good, so that’s the main part out of the way, moving on.

2. OK, now I’m going to go through the Neopets, their abilities, and some hints for getting the most out of them.

Mynci – these are the strange little monkeys who climb. Always look at the ceiling before you go climbing willy nilly everywhere, because on some levels, spikes line the ceiling, and you don’t want to go impaling the cute little Mynci.

Kougra – these tiger things can dig, remember, unlike the other Neopets, you cannot plan the dig move in advance, you have to wait until you are exactly over the spot where you want to dig, then dig. They can only dig through one block at a time, and only the colored blocks, fairly limited Neopets really!

Kacheek – Ok, they sort of look like cats, with their eyes folded down, and they push. Remember, they cannot push through something, when it meets another item it stops. Also, don’t go pushing blocks down onto other Neopets, it will squash them flat, which will certainly make getting to the exit more difficult, when you find your trusted digger needs peeling off the road… While the Kacheek is pushing a block, you can stop it at anytime, by clicking the Kacheek’s face again at the bottom of the screen, which might prove useful…

Scorchio – These fire breathing dragons, well, breathe fire. They can burn through any colored block in front of them. Time the burning, if there is another Neopet immediately behind the Scorchio, in the time it takes for the Scorchio to burn the block, it’s follower will have turned around to carryon in the other direction. Serious time waster!

Shoyru – Dragons, with a big horn thing on their heads, they jump. Probablythe most usefull power, they can hop over dangers and quickly push theswitch to release the spikes. I find, to time the most accurate jumps.Hold the click down, and then release just when you want to jump, it worksevery time!

Uni – Kind of strange thing for a winged horse to do, they transform into a ramp, allowing other Neopets to reach high places. Warning: Do not desert your Uni, if its the ramp, it cannot climb up the ramp itself, it you get my drift.

I hope you find these tips useful, and complete the final level, it feelsreally good! – ResearchGuidance

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