Time Tunnel Guide by linkfan1896

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Time Tunnel screen shot

It is said that beyond these doors lies a great treasure. So you want the treasure? Ah, I see. Well, you will have to put a lot of work into it then. Okay, so not that much work, but, anyways.

To open this fabulous, pretty door that stands before you, you have to crack a bunch of codes. It’s tough now to find a good guide for this game. So, here’s how you can get an oh-so-awesome score.

First off, you should know what the symbols mean. This is IMPORTANT! If you have a green circle, it means you have a completely correct stone. if you have an orange, it means you have a correct stone in the wrong spot. A white means completely incorrect. *THE CIRCLES ARE NOT IN ORDER!* You have to figure out where the circle fits.

Now, to figure out how to get the right code. First, hit the submit button, or whatever, without changing anything. Take note of how many green circles there are. Then, click each one once, and take note of that. once you change the rocks to every color, put them in a random order. For example, if you get 2 correct on white rocks, 1 correct on black rocks, and 1 on red, try a combination like, White Red Black White. Keep taking note of the circle colors. like, if you get 2 orange and 2 green, swap two of the rocks around. Keep doing this until a spike pops out. this means you cracked a code.

Eventually, with tedious work, you’ll open the door and get a small bonus. Keep trying, and try new techniques, and you’ll make it to the high score table eventually.



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