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When multi-colored Baby Usuls began falling from the sky, some of them shooting at you and others trying to push you off your platform with brooms, you know you’re dreaming.

If your not, then your playing Usul Suspects, a new game from Neopets. Lumi the Nimmo has been tricked into babysitting these evil usuls by a giant skeith (okay, I made that bit up.), and she’s barricaded herself on the playground lift.

Below, I’ve listed various strategies to avoid and shoot your oppenents. This isn’t a quick-written-in-two-seconds guide, I’ve actually gone in-depth here. It’s worth reading, if you want to get your daily 3k by scoring 500 points. You have three lives in the game. You lose one if the the Usuls fire at you and hit you off the lift, or if one pushes you off with a broom.

Basic Controls

The basic controls of the game are simple. The up and down arrows move the lift.. up and down, and pressing either the left arrow button or Space fires water at the Usuls. I suggest the left arrow button, that way, your fingers won’t have to move too far across the keyboard. Pressing the right arrow button throws a baby bottle (presumably full of milk) at any Usuls behind you. However, if you throw a bottle while the Usul is approaching you, it won’t work. Also, you actually have to move down if you want to feed the Usul below you.

Knowing your Enemies

Yellow Usul: These Baby Usuls mostly appear in the beginning stages of the game. They don’t shoot, or drop very fast. They don’t do much, other than give you 1 point when they hit the ground, and 2 points just once you hit them on the helmet.
Blue Usul: These Usuls also appear in the beginning stages. They fire – well, fire, at you. They drop at about the same rate as the Yellow Usuls, and give you 3 points when they hit the ground. You get a total of 5 points per Dark Silver Usul because of helmet hits (see Shooting Strategies).

Green Usul: Once they appear in the game, they seem to be the most scattered around the levels. They drop pretty fast, so it might be a shock for you. They shouldn’t be high priority, since they don’t pose much of a danger. You never know though, they might be killer with those brooms. They give you 5 points once you knock ’em out of the sky. You get a total of 7 points per Dark Silver Usul because of helmet hits (see

Shooting Strategies

Pinkish Usul: Actually the normal color for a Baby Usuls, they are in the later bits. They can shoot up to two bits of fire at you, and drop a little faster than the Blue ones, but slower than the Green ones. They give you 7 points when they hit the ground. You get a total of 9 points per Dark Silver Usul because of helmet hits (see Shooting Strategies).

Dark Silver Usul: A little gothic compared to the other ones, they must have gotten their fireballs clogged, and don’t pose much of a threat like the Green Usul. They give you a massive 9 points once they crash, though. You get a total of 11 points per Dark Silver Usul because of helmet hits (see Shooting Strategies).

Red Usuls: Ah, now THESE guys shoot. They, like the Pinkish Usul, can shoot two fireballs at you. They give you 11 points each time you shoot them to the ground, and 2 points when you hit their helmet, giving you a total of 13 points per Red Usul.

Shooting Strategies

Now, to the important bit. You don’t actually shoot them in the face or body. The place to aim is the helmets if you want them down fast. If you hit them in the body, they’ll get knocked out for a second but keep dropping. Obviously, if you shoot their helmets, the helmets go *boom* and the Usuls drop. That’s why accuracy is important in this game.

When you hit their helmet, you get two points. Then, when they hit the ground, you get a varying amount of points (see above). There are high priority Usuls, which you should shoot down before any others. The Dark Silver Usul gives you 9 points if you knock it out, so that is high priority. The Blue Usul gives you 3 points, so that wouldn’t be high priority. The colors of the main high priority Usuls are Dark Silver, Pinkish, Red, and Orange.

Subduing the Broom Usuls

If, despite the fact I’ve given you various strategies to shoot them down, the Usuls manage to escape your shots and wander into the tube thing, they’ll drop their helmet, which will start rising, and feel free to shoot this to get 2 points.

The Usuls don’t disappear into nowhere, though. They’ll wander onto the platforms behind you with brooms, to push you down. They really should get better security in the janitor’s closet, shouldn’t they?

You can press the right arrow button to throw a baby bottle to them, which satisfies them and makes them leave you alone. Another trick is if a Usul capable of shooting shoots at you when you are about even with the Usul with the broom, if you move down or up, the shot will hit the Usul with the broom. You get two points if the firing Usul hits the Broom Usul. If it’s a double shot, like the Pinkish or Red shots, it gives you 4 points – two points per hit. It doesn’t get rid of the Broom Usul, though, so it’s probably better to just throw them the bottle.


These Usuls are fast, so you’ll want to move up and down the lift to avoid their shots. Be warned that the Broom Usuls are waiting for you, and might knock you out of your place if your not careful. The fire doesn’t seem to effect Lumi’s feet, so they can’t hit you if the bottom of the lift isn’t too far down into the firing range.

The Neopoint ratio for this game is 2 NP every point, so if you score 500 points, you can get 1000 Neopoints. Once you master this game, it shouldn’t be hard to get 3000 Neopoints a day.

I am missing information on the Orange Usul, if you have any idea of whether they shoot, or how many points they give you, please email me at Thanks, and good Luck playing Usul Suspects! 🙂 – snowageress40493

Kym Huynh


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