The Possible Disappearance of Adam by luckystar

Kym Huynh —  April 7, 2010 — Leave a comment

Over time Ive developed a felling that Adam who Is one of the founders of Neopets has left in the last few years or so. How can that be? Well today Ill try to explain what makes me think this.

Do you remember the whole Guildmasters’ Dinner plot that never happened? You could tell that things werent right, it kept being delayed and you could tell that tensions were high within the office. Analyse the following quote from one of the editorials from the Neopian times.

Are you ever going to finish the Guildmasters’ Dinner? – Coww_coolie_o4
I have updated the guildmaster’s dinner. Unfortunately we do not have time to finish it, it was bad timing on our part. A lot of unforeseen things happened both work and non-work related that prevented us from completing it. Now it is better for us to move on and make sure it never happens again.

Key things there are a lot of unforeseen things have happened both work and non-work related. As soon as I saw this It made me think that things within TNT headquarters werent as smooth as everyone had thought. I believe that during this time Adam left TNT.

Some research shows that Adam had previously posted on a Neopets related forum in fact I had even had a conversation with him once. His last post on this forum was the 25th of March in the year 2005. Adam didnt post much on this forum about once a month but its been over a year since his last post. Its not much evidence but it does support the idea.

TNT loves to put themselves into things right? When was Adam or Number 6 in the Altador Cup? He wasnt there. Why not? My answer to that is because he wasnt there to be put into a team. I might be wrong but yet again its these small pieces of evidence that points to the fact that Adam no longer is a part of TNT.

I believe that Donna is still part of TNT however I believe that she has minimum control over everything. This decreasing amount of control that Donna and Adam received when they sold Neopets may be the reason that Adam left. Who knows? We can only speculate as nothing official has ever been released. For all we know Adam may just have been sitting back lately but yet again why wasnt he featured in the Altador Cup. The only people who know is the members of TNT themselves.

Try and prove to yourself that Adam is still a member of TNT? If you have any luck email me because Ive tried and I cant come up with anything.

These ideas are purely the ideas of luckystar and have not been influenced any way. I have not heard any other theories based on the disappearance of Adam and I believe that this is the only article created that supports the idea – luckystar

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