The Dark Faeries Curse: Part Two By gazgamer6462

Kym Huynh —  October 30, 2017 — Leave a comment

“How strange.” I thought to myself. “Why would she give me this?” If I was worried about where it came from I didnt worry enough. When I woke up the next morning I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Every morning Pachi would usually be jumping up and down on my bed telling me to wake up. I got up and ran into Pachis room and lifted the blanket of her bed. She was gone! I panicked and ran to check on my other pets. They were gone too! I began running through the house searching frantically for them. But when I reached the living room I stopped dead in my tracks.

The window was broken and there was glass all over the floor. “Oh no!” I screamed. “Theyve been kidnapped!” I grabbed the phone. I had to call the police or the Neopets staff, someone! But before I could dial I noticed a little piece of paper on the floor among the broken glass. Trembling I picked it up. It was a note! It said:

We have your pets. If you want to see them alive??????????????????????????????

The note fell from my hands. “Who would do such a horrible thing?” I asked myself. “Who?”

I stood on the edge of the pier tapping my foot impatiently. I checked my watch. It was five minutes till midnight. I began to pace anxiously. What if no one came? What if I was in the wrong spot? I shivered. What if I never saw my pets again? I gazed out over the dark water. I would just have to hope and have faith. I had brought 5000 neopoints in case they wanted ransom money.

A chill ran down my spine. I could feel a pair of eyes watching me from behind. I slowly turned around. I saw a dark hooded figure standing on the other end of the pier. “Who are you?!” I demanded. The figure walked silently over to me. “Where are my neopets?!” I screamed. The figure lifted their hood. I recognized the face immediately. “Jhudora!” I cried.

She smiled evilly. “None other!” She said causally tossing off the rest of her disguise. She was wearing her usual purple dress. “All right.” I demanded. “How did you get my pets?” “None of them have ever done your stupid quests so how did you get in the house?” “Because you did one of my quests!” She said rolling her eyes. “No I didnt you liar!” I yelled. “Oh really.” “Well then I suppose you dont remember this!” Then Jhudoras voice became high-pitched. “My poor Neopet is sick and I dont have the neopoints to buy the cure!” She said mockingly.

I recognized the voice of the girl I had helped that night. “You tricked me!” I shouted pointing at her. “And it worked.” She said sitting down on a barrel. “Just as we planned it.” “What do you mean we?” I asked. Suddenly the answer dawned on me. “Your not alone are you?” “Theres someone else helping you isnt there?” “Smart girl, you finally figured it out.” A icy voice whispered. I shuddered. Suddenly another figure was standing there. This time I jumped back and screamed. “Dr. Sloth!” Then he laughed. “So you know who I am?” “Well duh!” I said getting annoyed. “Everyone knows who you are!” “Youre the most cruel evil man in the universe!” “Flattery will get you nowhere.” He said rolling his eyes. “What do you want with my pets?” I asked nervously.

Jhudora stood up. “Its a funny story really.” “It begins a week ago in my tower.” “I was gazing at my crystal ball when I had an odd vision.” “I saw a dark cloud descending on Neopia.” “Just as the whole planet was being covered a beam of light appeared from the center of Faerieland and parted the clouds.” “The light turned into the shape of a young girl holding a jewel in her hand.” “I recognized you because I saw you and your pets go shopping in Faerieland once.” I was still confused. “I dont get it.” I said frowning. “What does any of this have to do with me?” Sloth smacked me on the back of the head. “Idiotic girl!” He yelled. “It means that somehow someway you have some sort of great power within you and that one day youll use it to save the world from some sort of evil!” Jhudora folded her arms. “The reason we took your pets is because we realized that this power of yours could be very useful.” She said with a gleam in her eye. “It may even help us conquer the world!”

“And what makes you think Id help you?” I said rolling my eyes. “Because,” Sloth said stepping forward. “If you refuse then well have no choice but to kill your beloved pets!” “No!” I screamed. “You cant do that!” “I can.” Sloth said glaring at me. “And I will.” “You have 24 hours to give us your answer.” And with that Sloth walked right up to me and pushed me off the end of the pier. I screamed as I struck then water. Suddenly my stomach lurched and the next thing I knew I was lying on the floor of my bedroom soaking wet. – gazgamer6462

Kym Huynh


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