The Dark Faeries Curse: Part One By gazgamer6462

Shoyru_Lover —  March 21, 2018 — 1 Comment

…..and then the Faerie Queen said, “Jhudora, you have failed as a Faerie of my court.” ” You have been tricking young Neopets into doing your quests with the promise you will make them stronger.” “What do you have to say in your defense?” Jhudora was silent. She had her head bowed so your could not see her face.

The Water Faerie stepped forward. In her arms she held a thin weak Kacheek. It was barely breathing and it could barely lift it’s tiny head. “Look at this poor creature!” She said her voice full of anger. “This is how you help them?!” By draining their life force until they waste away?!” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jhudora whispered. Her voice was soft but icy. “You lie!” The Space Faerie said standing up shaking with anger. “I have been feeling these pets suffering for months!” “You evil witch!” “I should….”

“That’s enough.” The Faerie Queen said raising her hand. “Jhudora, I sentence you to never return to Faerieland.” “You must live within the dark tower for all eternity.”

“No!” Jhudora screamed throwing herself at Fyora’s feet. “Your majesty please have mercy!” She sobbed. “Take her away!” Fyora ordered pulling away from her in disgust. Two faeries began to drag Jhudora away. “I’ll get you for this Fyora!” She shrieked. “I’ll find someone powerful to help me!” “Just you wait and see!”

I finished reading and closed the book. My four pets looked up at me eagerly. “What happened then?” Asked Aqua asked her eyes wide.” Jhudora was banished to the dark tower of Faerieland.” I answered. “Every now and then she manages to trick pets into doing her bidding.” “If you do as she says you will be tainted for life and she will be free to use you as her servant and suck out your life force.”

My 2nd youngest Neopet Pachi shuddered. “Don’t worry.” I added patting her head. “She can only come into the house if you do her quests.” “And I know none of you would do anything so stupid.” “Well it’s late.” “Time to turn in.” I brought each of my pets to their rooms and said good-night. But when I got to Hophops room I noticed that his nose was runny and his eyes looked puffy. “I dont feel so good.” He groaned. My oldest pet Zafey looked at him closely. “It looks like he caught achy head.” She said frowning. “Ooh Ive read all about it!” Aqua boasted. She may be my youngest pet ,but shes the most mature. “Okay.” I said immediately throwing my jacket on. “Ill run to the pharmacy before it closes and get some.” I ran out the door.

Lucky for me the pharmacy was just down the street. As I was running I heard a soft noise like someone was crying. As I turned the corner I saw a girl sitting on the side of the street crying. Now being a proud member of the Angels and Avengers guild it was my duty to help those in need. I stopped running and walked over to her. “Whats wrong?” I asked. The girl looked up at me. “My poor neopet is sick with Neopox and I havent got the Neopoints to buy the cure.”

I felt so bad for this poor girl. I had to do something. “Listen,” I told her. “Im on my way to the pharmacy right now.” “Ill buy to cure for you.” “Oh you shouldnt!” She looked up at me with red puffy eyes. “Its no problem at all.” “Ill be right back.” And with that I ran off before she could say no. 5 minutes later I returned with magic goop and a slice of Neopox Pizza. She was still sitting there waiting. I handed her the pizza. “Oh thank you, thank you!” She cried. “Youre a great person.” “Heres a little something for you.” She handed me a small bundle then walked away without saying another word. After I got home I gave Hophop then magic goop. Later when I was just about to go to sleep I decided to open the bundle. It was a poisonous Lollipop. – gazgamer6462



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