The Bori Mystery by cheetah_mm

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“Moooom!” came a cry from the living room, almost making me drop the pan I was making dinner in. I set it back on the stove with a sigh, thankful I didn’t drop the boiling water. I went running into the living room.

“What? Is everything alright?” I asked a little worried.

“No!” Came the reply from FieryStreak_17, the little red Xweetok. “Soren walked over my paper and got dirt all over them. Now I can’t draw!” She said. I sighed, got her some new paper and went into Soren’s room.

“Soren.” I sighed as I walked in and turned on the light. The Bori was sitting at his small television set on a bean bag playing his video games. Then I saw his muddy feet. “Soren!” I cried, picking him up and carrying him out of the room and to the bathroom. “Were you digging in the yard again!?” I asked with a sigh.

“Hey, it’s what I do.” He said with a shrug. I knew this, but couldn’t it be our backyard instead of our front? And not so much digging? I could almost swear if he kept digging that one day our house was going to fall into one of his tunnels. He was the oldest of my three kids, but man, he could at least listen once or twice. I passed FieryFlame_17 on the way to the bathroom. She was preening her wing feathers

“What did he do this time?” Sighed the Lenny. She was the second oldest. But most of the time, she acted like the oldest. More mature than Soren, that’s for sure.

“He got into digging again.” I sighed. “Can you go check the yard to see where he dug?” I asked.

“fine.” she said, hopping off the couch and going to the door and went outside. Meanwhile, I was wrestling Soren into the tub.

“Come on mom! You know I hate baths!” he cried.

“Just get in the tub and get it over with!” I replied. “It wont take long!”

“hey mom?” I heard Flame come in.

“Yes?” I said, finally managing to get Soren into the tub and was now commencing holding him down as I turned on the water.

“There are no holes in the ground. Everything is fine.” she said with a shrug and went back to her music and preening. What? Then where did he dig? I sighed.

“Soren? Where did you go?” I asked suspiciously.

“No where.” he replied.

“Yeah right, spill it!” I shot back.

“Just out for a walk around in the park, that’s all.” he said and finally stopped squirming. “If I let you give me a bath, will you stop asking me questions about it?” He asked.

“Fine.” I sighed. I had a feeling this might be a bad move. But at least he was going to let me give him a bath. Though he didn’t stop complaining the whole while as I put soap and shampoo on him and scrubbed him clean.

Finally, we were done. He got out of the tub as I turned around for the big towel that was hung up next to the tub. But it was to late. He shook himself dry. Then he pranced out of the bathroom and back to his room. Leaving me dripping wet. Looked like I was going to be the one needing the towel.

I changed and went about cleaning the house with Streak and Flame. Finally, with that done, I went back to dinner. It was late, so I poured the water down the drain and ordered a pizza.

As we waited for our dinner, Me, Streak and Flame sat down to watch some TV. And I honestly have to say that I had forgotten all about where Soren had been. Then the question popped into my head again.

“You know, I still wonder where he had gone to dig.” I said thoughtfully.

“I saw him heading over to that Korbat’s house that’s a couple blocks from here.” Streak said.

“Yeah, I think he said something about getting back at him. Something about a war of pranks or something.” Flame said.

I stood up and sighed. Looked like we weren’t going to find out what he did until he opened up. Which might be never. Knowing him, and the rest of us, everything would be forgotten by tomorrow. I shrugged and went to the door as the bell rang. I paid the delivery man and we all ate dinner, chattering about what else happened that day to each of us.

Little did they know that down the street, at the same house FieryStreak_17 and FieryFlame_17 had described to her, a Korbat was in his yard. His whole body, besides his head, was burried.

“Uuuhhm… help?” he said.

The End. – cheetah_mm

Kym Huynh


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