Tarzan and Jane Guide

Kym Huynh —  May 5, 2018 — Leave a comment

To beat this game, you must use your butt to hit the evil monkeys and snakes of of the trees. Do this by getting above them, on the same side of the same vine, and click and hold. You will slide down into the creature, and he will pop off. You can slide down may creatures at once, but if you stop and one of them hits you, you lose one life. For this reason, stay away from the bottom of the screen.

Here are all the enemies and items in the game:

Up Monkeys: they climb up and steal treasures from the tree. They are your main enemies. Very common. Defeat by sliding or invincibility – 2 points per monkey (Quite a lot if you slide down the vine)

Down monkeys: Usually faster and rarer, these are lethal if you are one there side of the vine. Hard to defeat, but sometimes worth it – 10 points per monkey

Snake: Twirls down the vine at high speeds. Quite rare, but sometimes come in groups. Beware! They will defeat you no matter what side of the branch you are on! – 50 points(!)

Stars: Make you invincible. It lasts longer if you kill the monkeys at the top, then slide down to the bottom. The invincibility ends suddenly, so don’t get too cocky or daring! – ??? points

Letters: collect them all and you’ll probably get an extra life and a whole ton of points, but I’ve never done it. – ??? points

Bananas, coconuts and DVD: Mean nothing. The monkeys always leave one up there.

Other tips: You will be invincible for about 5 seconds after you die. Use this time to get to the top of a monkey filled rope, and slide down it.

Before changing ropes to get a power up, check for enemies on the other rope, unless the power up is a star.

If you and a monkey are on different sides of a rope, you will not be hurt.

If you can do it without losing a life, always get stars or snakes.

Tarzan is faster climbing up the vines and jumping, but Jane is faster sliding down, and she is smaller and harder to hit.

Well for my first guide, that wasn’t very painful ^_^ Good luck!

Kym Huynh


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