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Romantic Introduction
Based on the tale of Beauty and the Beast, this game is sure to break lose the romantic in you. With wonderful graphics and three lovable characters who bring out the early childhood memories when our mother used to speak to us of this tale, this game reminds us of the same story again.

Romantic Setting and Plot
You may have drifted away in the introduction and come to the assumption that this game will introduce the legendary Beast and Beauty as the main characters, but it will not. You may have assumed that the setting may be that oh-so-unforgettable rose garden that imprisoned Beauty or the famous ball room, but it is not. So what is it? Take a guess. I call it a table,

Neopets calls it a West Wing, so you behold it yourself. Now don’t be disappointed, I think this game overmeasures the sweetness scale. Why? It’s easy – the three main characters (No, Beauty and Beast are only two). Remember Chip, Mrs. Potts, or Cogsworth? Not really? They are the cup, the pot, and the clock that Beauty always used to talk to.

The idea of the game is to first choose one of the three characters and guide them through the so-called West Wing without losing your five lives, also explained as: The Beast has to find true love before all five of the rose petals on his rose fall off. How do they fall off, you may ask. Since they did not have electricity back then, their tables were full of candles. This table is no exception. Each of the candles you touch burn you and you lose one rose petal. There are candles standing up and candles lying on the table, which leads us to.

How To Play
So how do you avoid those evil candles? You can just move out of the way when you see candles standing up by using your arrow keys, or you can jump over the lying candles by using space bar. You even get five points by jumping over candles, but that is not the only way to get points. Another way is to collect rose petals. When starting, each petal you collect will give you two points, and the reward will increase by one point each level you gain. The big reward is that you get bonus points if you collect all petals at the end of the level. If you see a mirror in the middle of the game, don’t go to the eye doctor, there is a purpose to them. Each mirror you collect will add one petal to your rose, which means you will get one extra life and a couple of points. The game is over when all five petals fall off the rose and the poor Beast doesn’t find love. You don’t want that, now do you? 🙁

Romantic Conclusion
Hopefully the Beast finds love when you play, otherwise you have misread this guide or need more practice. I myself was very astonished when I played this game. In my opinion it was a very interesting and romantic game. For emotional players like me (whatever that means), this game is definitely a must.

Writer’s Ratings
Overall? 9/10
Time-Consuming? 3/10
Score: NP Ratio? 1:2
Lucrative? 7/10

Tips From Players
It helps to not keep your character all the way at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes, when you get stuck with an unavoidable candle, you can just push the down arrow and avoid it. This gives you more mobility. – Tubola99

If you get all the petals in a round, at the end of the round you will get a bonus of 40 for the first round of the game and from there on it is +20 for what round it is, so in round three the bonus is 80 points. – Chazlefur

Getting a mirror not only gives your back a petal on your flower (a life) you get 6 points. – Peach

Kym Huynh


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