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Kym Huynh —  July 15, 2017 — Leave a comment

This is free 960 NP!

I don’t play easy, because it’s so easy it’s like cheating. I prefer medium level. Hard is impossible trust me.

Select medium level. When the game starts, let your opponent hit it back, then moved up until just nice to hit the “ball”. It’ll go like this if done correctly. (# is u and your opponent. * is the ball’s movement)

* *
#* * *
# * * #
# * * #
* * #


In the diagram, your opponent will go down because he actually follows the ball, but when the ball hits A it goes up, and the opponent will be too late to get it.

Now when the next round starts, position yourself right in the center, and press spacebar. When your opponent hits back and the ball hits you, the ball will repeat round 1 (the above diagram)!!! And you didn’t move your mouse. repeat for round 3 and send score for your 960 NP! Neomail me if there’s anything you don’t understand – clive

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