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Swarm screen shot

Bad Powerups by Joan

Swarm is a relatively easy game. It takes a little while, but you can earn a lot of neopoints! A hint is to never get the bright green or yellow things. You know when you shoot a certain bug, the big enhances come out? Well just don’t get the bright green or yellow ones because they will slow your tank down making it harder to win!

Swarm is an Easy 3,000 Neopoints a Day by yoyomybro852

Swarm is an easy 3,000 neopoints a day.

Start and go to the far right hand corner so you can shoot the little blue bug across the top and get an extra 50 points. Also if you lose a life, you lose your special ability that you got from shooting a colored bug. However this does NOT happen when you get an orange one.

If you are lucky enough to get more than 1 orange thing when you lose a life it will just go down a level. (You can shoot one less alien with a single bullet every time you get hit.)

Get the Tiny Spider

As you know, on Swarm, there are 7 ordinary rows of spiders. But occasionally, you see a smaller, cyan (bright, light blue) spider that quickly travels across the top of all the other 7 rows.

If you want more points, I would concentrate on shooting this spider down, because this one is worth a whopping 100 POINTS, as the other ones are only worth 5 points.

Of course, you first play normally, then, once you SEE the smaller, cyan-colored spider, you get it.

A good spot to try to get this is the FAR RIGHT.

Shoot Before You Click

This tip is to be used ONLY after you complete a wave of spiders. Once you do, a box that says: YOU DESTROYED WAVE (your number) CLICK BUTTON TO CONTINUE, will appear.

Do NOT click it yet, but first, press the space bar, and then IMMEDIATELY click the yellow button to continue. What this does, is give you a head start, instead of risking the fact that a spider might drop something on you. You can do this on every round you finish. It’s a tiny hint, but it’s a smart one! 🙂

Keeping Your Powerup by Deborah

If you get two of one crystal you keep that power even if you get hit or if you move to the next level.



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