Swarm Guide – Bugging the Bugs by NeLLa

Kym Huynh —  February 21, 2018 — Leave a comment

Swarm is a game of speed and intelligence where you have to defend your tank and shoot at the same time. It sounds difficult, but it is not. You will see at the end of the guide. For right now, let us break it down into details that will make you king or queen of the game. Or at least, make you understand it better.

The setting is the desert. When we think of the desert we think of snakes. Ever stopped and wondered about other animals who share space there, too? Maybe not, but this game will ultimately prove that bugs indeed live in the desert, too. In fact, this game is FULL of them. Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason, these bugs seem to be hi-tech and equipped with guns. And guess what? They shoot at you! All you have is a tank and a few walls that protect you.

Now let’s talk about those nasty bugs, or beetles, as Neopets calls them. Where do they come from? I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you that they move left to right and vice versa on your monitor screen. Once in a while they will be shooting at you. You cannot stop their shot, but by moving yourself, you can avoid it. Your tank will be positioned at the bottom of the screen, and your mobility is the same as those of your enemies. Same thing with your weapons. They shoot at you, but you shoot at them, too. Your advantage is that you get five points for each bug. Another advantage is that you start out with three shields, which means, you can get shot three
times and THEN lose. However, a disadvantage is that the more they (or you!) shoot at your protective walls, the more damaged they become.

So now you got the basics. Ready? Not so fast. Let us go to professional grade and help you really master this game. There are a few advantages you get, too. Most bugs are green in color, and all they do is give you five points, but some are colored differently, which means they will give you power-ups, and that can help, or maybe not. Here is a list:

Turquois (small tank) – GOOD, considering the fact that the bugs have a smaller tank to shoot at.
Lime green (big tank) – BAD, because the bugs can shoot you easier because of your bigger surface.
Yellow (slow tank) – BAD, because you’re trying to avoid the shots.
Blue (fast tank) – GOOD, you avoid attacks quicker.
Orange (hi-power weapon) – GOOD, because when you hit one bug, your bullet will go through it and continue traveling.
Purple (extra shield) – VERY GOOD! Who wouldn’t want an extra shield anyway?
Khaki (rebuild towers) – GOOD, because it will make new walls for you and protect you from hideous attacks.

So much about the list. Everything is good except for lime green and yellow power-ups. A lot of good things, right? There is another controversial add-on, that I quite do not know is good or bad. It is in the eye of the beholder. On top of your screen will appear a blue bug once in a while. The bad part is that it drops huge fire ball bullets at you, which can kill you instantly and completely destroy your protective walls, but if you shoot it, you will gain 50 points, and an extra power-up.

I hope you enjoy your game and master is with this guide. – NeLLa


Game Rating = 6.5/10
Score : NP Ratio = 2:1
Avg Score = 600 – 800
Avg Time = 6-9 min

Kym Huynh


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