Stock Market Guide by Deepak Jhaveri

Kym Huynh —  March 8, 2018 — Leave a comment

In my first guide (ten steps to richness) you didn’t read anything about stock market because although it can make you a lot of money you can also lose a lot of money but even if it wasn’t so clearly but stock market is a game and a daily thing so you can say I did include it but that isn’t really that important

For stock market you’ll need money and a lot of patient. But if you don’t have patient just play games, buy and sell, do restocks anything that will get your mind of stocks. When you have these requirements go to and you’ll see the names of all the stocks just click on one of them and you’ll see a chart and a black line showing the average price take example boom average round the 100 what do you do? Just see when boom is lower then 20 buy 1000 of them and then wait a lot like a month or so and it might have raised price but go for stocks which have a average 20-30 and has been ONCE above 40 they’ll go up some day and when they do sell them at lowest amount np you find a lot. In this game you also need luck but luck ant backfire as after reading this guide you will know not to sell when you’re gone losing money but when you’re gone make money. Also, that if you aren’t lucky that unluck will backfire at itself because not much people like waiting and when there sick of those stocks going down al the time there gone sell them and I have experiment that the less people have shares the faster it MIGHT raise value take a example of BOOM when it was on 120 lot of people sold it and they’re weren’t a lot of people who had BOOM and afterwards it raised value over 200

Now you know how to play this game but you might have lost a lot and you’re saying I’m not playing it again but all you need is some experiments, patient, knowledge, luck and without it you cant: money. So you can make stock market your biggest moneymaking way or you can make a second lower moneymaking way its all up to you

And if you can try to buy 1000 shares a day. Why you might ask. Well because 1000shares is the maximum shares you can buy in one day and because the more you have the bigger the profit is. With my advice have the requirements you can and will become a stock market expert. Just remember this guide and you’ll make it to the top of stock markets (P.S. Did you know that a lot of rich people became rich because of stocks or investments that right what if you have 10000 BOOM shares and they skyrocket from 15 to 300 that makes from 150k to 3 million that’s how a lot of people are rich.) – Deepak Jhaveri

Kym Huynh


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