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Sophie’s Stew: Sophie is hard at work, brewing up one of her powerful potions. She isn’t the most careful witch in Neopia, however, so it’s up to you to help her get every ingredient safely into her cauldron. When Sophie throws one of her ingredients into the air, use her wand to bounce the item across the room and into the bubbling pot. Keep the ingredients away from her hungry Meowclops, though, and make sure that nothing hits the floor. If you happen to drop five ingredients on the floor, her potion is ruined and the game is over!

Score/NP Ratio:

200np per 100points.
1000np(max) per 500 points.

Not bouncy ingredients

Ingredients that do not bounce well and can only hit the droolif if Sophie throws it. (rat,codestone etc.)

Moderately Bouncy Ingredients that do not bounce high nor bounce low.
These items can hit the Droolif if bounced from the center of the wand. (green/blue worm, worm sandwich, brain/worm ice cream etc.)

Really Bouncy

Ingredients that bounce high and can hit the Droolif when bounced from any point of the wand. (Doughnut, Pepper, Green Spikey Roll thing etc.)


Tip1 – Do not try to hit the Droolif. Just directly get the ingredient to the cauldron.

1. Hitting the Droolif will result in a bonus, but if Sophie throws a not very bouncy item (codestone or almost gummy rat), it will get harder (especially if you happen to drop the item she threw, the bonus is void)

2. Later on in the game Sophie will throw A LOT of items. The items will eventually hit the Droolif and you get the bonus.

3. In some cases (at the start), I suppose you can just hit theDroolif. Not recommended if your score is 300.

Tip2 – Do not try to feed the Meowclops. Just get the ingredient to the cauldron.

1. The Meowclops may stop in its walking and the item will drop to the floor and then you lose a life.

2.You get less or no points (exception for the fish and the purple rat). If dung or a codestone is eaten by Meowclops you don’t get points. Its like 12 points off (codestone).

Tip3 – The item landing on the edge of the cauldron will bounce off.

1. The item will bounce off. It gives some time to prevent an item from falling, but remember to catch the item that bounced off the caudron. Don’t bounce the ingredients to the edge of the cauldron on purpose. You will eventually have to get them in the cauldron and at that time Sophie will keep on throwing ingredients (and possibly and unfortunately the ones that don’t bounce well).

Tip5 – If you happen to receive a not very bouncy ingredient (codestone) to bounce off to the cauldron, I suggest you wait for the next ingredient. Don’t move the not very bouncy ingredient, just keep it bouncing in place.

Its easier to bounce 2 objects going the same way. It would seem easier to bounce 2 objects together than to frantically move the mouse back and forth to keep the ingredients in air.

Feeding the Meowclops:

Suggested Items
The Fish and the Purple Rat only. You still get same points when you dump them in the cauldron.

Dung and Codestone.
You get points when drop the 2 ingredients in the cauldron, but no points when you give them to Meowclops.

Kym Huynh


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