Snowmuncher Guide by Timo E

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With a golden Snowmuncher champion trophy and a high score of over 17,000 in Snowmuncher, I decided to make a proper game guide!

Principles to follow and hints to try:

1. Stay in the middle lane [this will allow you to cover as much ground as possible when getting gems and bottles. If you are close to the wall, you usually have only one way to escape!]

2. The bottles determine your path [you have to follow the bottles or you lose a life, you can not skip any of them usually. Also, usually you can not trade a bottle for a gem. You’ll get the gem and lose a life.]

3. Create and find “ceilings” for yourself to navigate safely horizontally and corner-to-corner (down and right or down and left). This is the most important skill for advanced players!!1 [when blocks fall, they stop when they hit the ground or when they fall to the same height as a block that is of the same colour. This means you can travel horizontally: let’s assume Dieter is walking to the right. When he has reached a position that there is a (for example) red block on his right and a red block above him about to fall on his head, quickly guide him downwards. The red block that was about to fall on Dieter will stop and join the red block that was on his right. Now Dieter has a “ceiling”. You can find these kinds of places in the game, guide Dieter under a patch of similarly coloured groups of blocks. Remember to eat only one piece under them, otherwise they lose their foundation and fall on you!]

4. Try to make at least two blocks fall when getting the guarded gems [this will reveal the gem and kill the snake-thingy. You can usually combine this with the ceiling trick mentioned above.]

5. Always let all the falling blocks fall before continuing munching [this ensures that any blocks don’t fall on you, and you might get a free fall if blocks start disappearing from underneath you, thus a bit saving you from getting bloated]

6. Learn to navigate horizontally WITHOUT “ceilings” [as you know, blocks do not drop instantly. This means you can navigate horizontally by eating a block next to you, going to that space, waiting a fraction of a second, eating the next block and going to that space before the block drops on you. This means you can get bottles or gems safely even from a distance]

7. You’ll have to make most of your points in the first 50-120 meter levels [when the height of snow reaches 130m and higher, you really 1) do not have time to find all the gems and 2) have to eat a lot of black snow which bloats you very fast! When playing these higher levels it’s all about survival against the clock. If you find clock-blocks, get them! They can be great relief after the 120m levels.]

8. The gross stuff is worth only a few points, so they are not usually worth risking a life.

9. Kind of self-evident: try to find the best path without black blocks and with groups of similarly coloured blocks [this allows the most economical travel]

10. Do not aim for the bottle [this is not so important, but I like to go down the path next to the bottle. This is because if you are not bloated over 50% when you get to the bottle, you can safely munch away, for example get a gem from nearby and then get the bottle.]

11. You can escape blocks by going down reeaallly fast [when a block loses its foundation which is usually the block underneath, it will float in the air for a fraction of a second. During this time you can usually escape it by going down so fast that the block disappears from the screen]

12. Don’t wait to change path [when you see that a bottle is on the other side, go for it right away instead of waiting until you are down on the same height as the bottle. It’ll be difficult to get there after that]

13. Remember to buuuurrrrrrrrp!

14. Keep the sound on, this way you know when you are running out of time. Also remember to keep an eye on how much distance there is to the bottom.

15. If you play on a laptop, put the mouse cursor on top of the “pause game” button, this way you can quickly pause the game by clicking the mouse on your laptop. – Timo E



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