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The objective of this game is to serve the customers which ever slushie they ask for. They have three choices to choose from: green, pink, and blue/grey (ordered from top to bottom of screen). You move the waitress with the arrow keys and you get the slushie cups filled (also to give the cup to the customer) by using the space bar.

So when you start the game, you’ll find the that there are three, long stone counters in a row, each one has a slushie machine in at the end of it. The waitress, you, will be at the top counter, looking away from the slushie machine. Customers will pop up at the way left of the screen and you’ll find a bubble next to their heads that has an image of which slushie they wish to have. Use the up and down arrow key to stand in front of the machine and then use the right arrow key to face it pressing the space bar to get that flavor in a cup. When its filled turn around and move to stand in front of the correct counter and press space bar again for it to slide down towards the customer.

You have 5 chances to make mistakes. You’ll lose these chances by either letting the empty cup fall to the floor (explained later) or by sliding a cup down a counter that has no customers at the end. Those are the only two ways to lose the chances. Sounds easy right? It’ll get hard. If a customer makes it to the end of the counter (where you stand) without receiving a drink then it’s an automatic loss (even if you have 2 chances left).

Note: the customers slide the cups back towards you when they are finished so make sure you are facing the cup when it hits the end of the table (if you are facing the machine instead of the counter, it will fall off and you will lose one of your five chances). But! a good thing to remember is that you can have a full slushie cup in your hand, and still be able to catch the empty one.

I find that this entire game has to do with good timing: you should pay attention to the sliding empty cups just as much as what the customers want. If the cup is more than a third away the edge of the counter, you’ll have time to fill one cup and then go and pick the empty one. This saves a lot of time if you do it, trust me: Waiting for the empty cups to come down the counter is not a good thing.

There are two things that should be noted that are very important.

  1. The counters are not the same length (the top one is the shortest, the bottom one is the longest). This means that if there are two empty cups coming back at you that are on a vertical line (with the screen), the one closest to the top will hit you first, the one closest to the bottom will take a little more time. So try to get the one at the top first!
  2. The customers will drink any type of slushie you give them, even if it’s not what they ask for. You won’t get as many points as you would if you gave them the correct flavor, but this is something that will come in handy for lets say level 10 or higher.

So my strategy is to give the customer the correct type early on, serving one customer and if there’s another I serve them before i come back for the first empty cup. I can usually serve two more customers before I have to pick up an empty cup, but this starts around level 3 (level 1 and 2 are a bit slow with customers coming in…). And then around level 9 or 10, when they are coming at the waitress too quickly, I just fill the cup with the flavor that’s in front of the counter that has the customers closest to the end of the counter. Also when it’s at this level, I try to work from top to bottom because of the counters’ lengths. That way it will be easier to collect all the empty cups at one time from top to bottom. If I’m doing pretty good then I actually pay attention to what the customers want to drink, but other than that, it goes too fast for me too care. If any of the previous levels are going to fast for you, this strategy will work just fine, as well.

Finally, you can always have a filled cup in your hand even if there isn’t a customer there to be served and maybe you’ll be lucky that you picked the right flavor. My strongest advice is to not wait for the empty cup to slide towards you… keep serving the others and (once again) if the cup is about a 1/3 way to the end of the counter then, and only then, stand in front of it. If you are really fast at playing this game, you can wait until it’s almost about to fall, but you should experiment to see how fast you are before trying that.

Point System

Correct flavor given to customer: 5 points awarded.
Incorrect flavor given: 2 points awarded.
Received empty cup: 3 points awarded.

Levels increase every 50 points.

I hope I was clear enough. Happy serving and good luck! – Lucky_best

Kym Huynh


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