See no Beauty by pink_sweeti_06

Kym Huynh —  May 13, 2018 — Leave a comment

In Neopia there lived an intelligent Kougra. Some people may think no better than any other, but that was not the opinion of some foolish, giggly female Kougras. This Kougras name was Heath. He often thought about his name and why his father had chosen it for him. His father had told him just before he died that it had a strong ring to it and he felt it suited heath perfectly. Every day the bouncy female Kougras showered him with fine gifts of Draiks eggs and Ukalis and fancy comments on how they would love to be his doting wife. They did this regularly as this Kougra in particular was exceptionally good-looking and he was extremely noble. His coat would glint in the mid-day sun, his teeth where pearly white and his claws were preened to perfection. Heath got tired of all this attention and affection; he just wanted to be treated normally and be able to make his own lunch and go places when he wanted to go. Heath had a secret that no one knew but himself, he was injured in a surfing accident and was now blind.

So one day while pondering in the haunted woods he came up with an idea, he would tell the Kougras his secret; he knew it would make them leave him alone. He congratulated himself on such a good idea as he ran to the large parlor which was cold from the marble interior, where they sat waiting for him. When he arrived they were furiously ironing his clothes like they had to do them all before he arrived home. Stop!! he shouted and then he happily told them that he was blind, sure enough the ladies very rudely said excuse us and then ran away from Heath as fast as they could. Heath could not have been happier, yet he still needed a wife. So he started to think of all the women he knew, none of them where humorous or pleasant. These where the characters he liked in a woman. He thought hard, well into the night until his brain hurt and his head lolled from lack of sleep. He finely drifted off into a restless sleep.

He woke to the most graceful thing he had ever heard, it was a voice singing so in tune and with fantastic harmony he thought he might be in a dream. He brushed his coat and ran outside; he followed the voice until he came across a woman sitting so demurely. She was extremely gorgeous. Though he could not see this. He sat down beside her and they began to talk, immediately creating a spark between them. As time passed on they only grew closer and one day Heath proposed to his new found friend and she gladly accepted. Heath and Kiara married in a peaceful and serene wedding on Mystery Island. They could not have been happier with their relationship, but the funny thing was neither of them could see each other, because Kiara was blind as well!! – pink_sweeti_06

Kym Huynh


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