Scourge of the Lab Jellies Guide by mlssprecious

Kym Huynh —  July 17, 2017 — Leave a comment

Scourge of the Lab Jellies is a great and classic Neopets game because it is easy to play but hard to master. Move jellies of the same color into rows of five to make them disappear, but beware, three jellies appear for every move you make.

There is no time penalty nor a deduction of points for the distance of a move, so take your time and make every move count. Even one extra move that does not play into your strategy can lead to the build up of excessive jellies that will kill you in the end.

First, utilize the jellies that fall naturally in groups. Don’t move jellies that already share their row with others of the same color… Use the configuration the game gives you, don’t fight it.

Bombs are SUPER important! Use them to clear large spaces and most importantly, to eliminate rocks. Without bombs, you’ll be lucky to ever score more that 2000 pts, leaving you with a measly 450 or so NP. Move the bombs to big groups of jellies, don’t move the jellies to the bombs!

Also, I have a tendency to want to save the rows of jellies I’ve been working hard to build… DON’T DO THIS. Worry not, you get the same score even when the bomb blows them up.

SPECIAL SECRET TIP: Type boomshaketheroom to create 3 consecutive bombs in the game.

A note on strategy. I utilize an X pattern for taking out 9 jellies at once with two intersecting diagonals (leave the center for last) I find this method gets blocked by different colored jellies less often than when I try to take out 9 by connecting two rows of four same-color jellies.

These methods help me beat AAA and get a GREAT high score! Thanks! – mlssprecious

Kym Huynh


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