Reese’s Puff Mini-Golf Guide by scubasteeveneo

Kym Huynh —  October 6, 2017 — Leave a comment

For lots of hole-in-ones, this guide will tell you where to put your mouse.

First select Perfect Putter and the Reese’s Puff Ball.

Note that all these directions may need to be barely be adjusted based on the contrast of your computer. If there are any revisions or improvements, please neomail scubasteeveneo

Hole 1: For a hole in one, move your mouse down as far as you can go without loosing the hand, then move it over directly above the 1 in hole: 1 and click.
Hole 2: Do the same as for hole one except line it up Between the L and E on hole for a hole in one.

Hole 3: For this one, move it so the very bottom of the hand is lined up with the top of that same red bar. Now move it to the right till the right edge is barely touching the corner of the window and click, thus another hole in one.
Hole 4: For this one move your mouse all the way to the right, the the bottom across the top of the red bar like last time, now where the tip of your mouse is, put the bottom of the mouse there and click for a hole in one.
Hole 5: This one will depend on your resolution but on mine you will need to hold your mouse just under the f on golf on the top of the window, and click for a hole in one.
Hole 6: Put your mouse right in the O where it says click your mouse to shoot the puff. Next you will click above the P on par like we did in the first hole for a hole in two (birdie).
Hole 7: Click on the bush on the far right as close to the bottom of it as you can. Now you should end up by the ramp, from here aim for the hole on the left, each click ends up different so just hit the hole on the right and you will end up near the hole in the end.
Hole 8: Click on the bottom right corner of the screen. From here, its an easy put into the hole. Make sure you hit it hard so that you end up in the middle of the sand trap and can hit it in.
Hole 9: Click on the dark green border around the green where the ball should hits the left of the window (the top part). Then click in between the top and bottom of where it hits the edge of the window, then slide it below the water and 99% of the time it bounces in the hole and you should always end up with 750 + neopoints! – scubasteeveneo

Kym Huynh


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