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Kym Huynh —  February 23, 2018 — Leave a comment

Pyramids is based on luck. To win, all you need is time. To get a high score when you can’t win, you need to be smart; this is how the scoring system works:

You get points for the row the card you played is in;
– 1 point for the bottom row (7th row)
– 2 points for the 6th row
– 5 points for the 5th row
– 12 points for the 4th row
– 15 points for the 3rd row
– 25 points for the 2nd row
– 498 points for the 1st row

Additionally, you get points for the “consecutive play” (the number in a chain):

2 * the consecutive play.

(thus you’ll get 3 points for the first card you play, because it’s in row seven(1 point) and it’s the first consecutive play(2*1))

If you’ve won you get 2 points for every “card in pile” left

So if you’ve already played 4 cards in a chain and you still have 3 cards in pile, and you’re about to click the last card, you’ll get 498 points plus 2*5(consecutive play) plus 2*3(cards in pile).

Knowing this, you can calculate points, which is very useful in the end; when you can choose between playing one card in the second row or playing 3 cards in the fifth row, for example.

In the game you should try to keep as many cards as possible faced up, and use as few cards in pile as possible. Good luck! – by Allergoeiste

Kym Huynh


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