Pterattack Weapons by Mai Mai

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Interesting Fact

One thing me and my friend have noticed during our obsession over pterattack was that the grarrl only comes up every time yoyou hear that “muahahahaha” on your speakers. It always comes 1 to 5 seconds after the “muahahahaha”. So every time you hear that evil laugh, move to the middle of the screen until you seee the grarrl and move AWAY from it.

Guns and Upgrades

If you are a beginner:

– don’t get every circle thing (gun upgrades) you see. Every time you get a different color circle, you start on the lowest level of that gun. always stick to one color of circle things.

– try not to freak out if this HUGE grarrl comes up and practically takes up half of the screen (or window, whatever). If you freak out, you will most likely lose a life or two (which is not a very smart thing to do).

For people who have already played pterattack a few times:

– the tadow weapon is a pretty good weapon to start out with. It kills the enemy on one shot. the only bad thing is that its very hard to aim it on a specific target. in order to get tadow, look for the red circle that blinks white. This is an ok weapon but it only goes up to Mr. Bones (the levels are tadow, thatsAwrap, and Mr. Bones). I dont reccomd this weapon for the whole game if you plan on getting a really high score. well, unless you know how to use that kind of weapon very skillfully, go right ahead and get it.

– the next gun is the basic one, the one you start out with. In order to upgrade that type of gun, you need red circles. The guns go like this: pteri-shooter, pteri-blaster, healing spring special, BlastAwayRay, AllTheWayRay. It used to go all the way to ScorchCannon but I think the neopets staff decided to take that out. Never the less, this is a pretty good weapon but it takes patience to get to the AllTheWayRay. but once you do get to it, its a very convenient gun to have. very accurate.

– then there’s the blue cirlce things. this weapon os very nice and I usually use in most of my games . The first is rainbow gun, then Lil’Blaster, Sparkshooter5000, TheBoro-Vanisher, and the DoubleFisted Phaser. I highly reccomend this weapon because it covers a large range of enemies, it can kill more than one enemy at once, and it is easy to aim.

– last are the green cirlces. they are the HARDEST to find. I haven’t had much experience with this weapon much since the green circles are so rare but so far I have come across Spreader, Jr. Sweeper, and Auto-Spreader. I’ve noticed that each level has a different formation of the little cirlces. Maybe the next level has a different formation too. but in my opinion, Spreader is still not as good as the rainbow gun. At least so far. – Mai Mai



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