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Plushie Tycoon is a new game about you, as a businessman, going to make a plushie kingdom. Here are some tips on how to plat Plushie Tycoon.

1. Raw Goods – It is up to you whether you want to be a cheapskate, or you are targeting the upscale buyer. I usually target upscale buyer.
2. Store – It is open from 9 am to 5 pm. You should upgraded the store and advertise it (to the highest level) before platying. Don’t worry, you would have enough money.
3. Factory – Your workforce should only cost around 1000 per hour. Balance the amount of workers.

4. Warehouse – Plushies from your factory are brought here to be shipped for 278 NP.

Firstly I have 50,000. Therefore I am going to make it into millions.
Here is the walkthrough:

Day 1:
I started to rent the factory, shop and warehouse. You do not need to upgrade them for the moment. Now, I buy all the upgrade and advertisement. It costs me 6875 to buy the upgrade and 14845 for the advertisement. Now I bought the raw matrials. Buy the best for everything except for cloth and accessories. For cloth, it is up to you to choose the colour and accessories are not very important. It is better to choose Neopets that does not need accessories as accessories increase the complexity and therefore, your plushies will not be read in a short period of time. Non-accessories plushies are Lupe, Kacheek and Scorchio. DO NOT BUY TOO MUCH RAW MATERIALS OR YOU WILL GO BANKRUPT. Buy enough to manufacture around 400 plushies. Now, I go to my factory and hire people:
100 Dropouts 500
50 Graduates 300
25 Trainees 200
5 Journeymen 60
1 Managers 40

This costs 1100 NP per hour. Now start a new job and chose the plushies you want to make. Now, you can leave the plushies until thenext day.

Day 2:
After your factory had done manufacturing plushies, they will be sent to warehouse. Here, you have to shi them into the shop. When the plushies are loaded, load them and pay 278 per 100 plushies. The plushies will be ready to be sold in your shop. You do not need to worry as the shop will automatically priced them. After 1-2 hours, they will be sold and you can buy new raw materials to start another job.

Day 3:
Now, you may want to upgrade the factory and shop as you are going to manufacture and sell lots of them. Expand them to second level and manufacture more plushies. If you are going to manufactore more than 1000 plushies, hire twice as much worker.

The walkthrough stopped here.

By: Ivan
Neopets: stone_charizard.
If you have any questions, e-mail me at

Kym Huynh


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  1. This is trash! What bullshit is this?

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