Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Bakery Guide by jazrabbitt

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The Toaster Strudels game is one of the latest sponsor game additions to the action games section. In this game, you command a Grundo, Kacheek, Techo, or Chia in your attempt to cook, ice, and eat as many yummy strudels as you can without dropping too many.

Before you start the game, obviously, you have to choose your characters. You can choose between a Techo, Grundo, Kacheek, or Chia. Each character has its pro’s and con’s.
The Techo is a tall character, but is also very slim, meaning you have to move more to collect strudels, however, you have more of a height range to collect and shoot them out, meaning you will hit the low icing packets more often.

The Grundo is a short character; however, he is a wider target, making strudels easier to catch, and giving you more time to maneuver to the strudels.
The Kacheek is a short and slim character. Probably the hardest to play with. Not much can be said about him besides that.
The Chia is the most realistic and easiest character to use, as it is a bit shorter than the Techo, but taller than the Grundo, and a very wide target.

The idea of the game is to catch the strudels dropped by the Krawk at the top of the screen, keep them in for the correct amount of time, launch them from the toaster by pressing “^”, and catch them as they fall back down. One detail many people fail to notice, is that you cannot catch any other strudels, cooked or fresh, while you have a strudel in the toaster. Therefore, often you will have to launch a strudel from the toaster before it is completed in order to keep another from falling. That is ok though, as you will still get points, although not as many as you would if it was cooked completley. You can; however, catch other strudels while your character is eating cooked ones. Use this to your advantage. If, however, you have a tossup between a freshly dropped strudel and a fully cooked and iced one, always go for the cooked one, as it is worth more points. (I’ll expand on that later). If the two strudels are near each other, sometimes you can get between them, and launch the fresh one immediately, then catch the cooked one, followed by the previously launched one. Sounds complicated, but it unfolds when your playing the game.

As you eat more strudels, your character gets larger. And as the levels progress, you have time to eat more strudels. Your characters size starts over from normal at the start of each level, but near the 10th level, you should have enough time to have your character completely doubled in size. (This makes using the Chia even more efficient)
There is a cook-o-meter on your toaster that tells you when the strudels are done. Unless you are forced to launch it early (in order to catch another strudel), you should always launch immediatley when the green light shows. If you hesitate even a little, the strudel will burn and you will get little or no points for it. Be careful about that.

The scoring in this game is the best part of it. For every fresh strudel you catch, you get as many points as the level you are at. In other words, if you were on level 5, and you caught a fresh, uncooked strudel, you would get 5 points. If you were on level 10, you would get 10 points.

For catching fully cooked and iced strudels, you get 5x the level your at. Meaning, if you were at level 5 and caught a fully cooked and iced strudel, you would receive 25 points. If you were at level 10, and caught a fully cooked and iced strudel, you would get 50 points.

Of course, there are also in-between scores, such as launching a half cooked strudel, getting lucky and catching a low icing packet, and then catching. You would get something around 15 points for that.

This game hands out as many neopoints as is equal to your score up to 1000 neopoints. Therefore, if you got 500 points, you would get 500 neopoints. If scored 348 points, you would receive 348 neopoints. However, the max neopoints from the game is 1000, so if you were to score 1150, you would only receive 1000 neopoints. However, the game still hands out a lot of money and is, more or less, pretty easy.

Toaster Strudels Bakery is my favorite game. Because of it’s incredible score hand-outs, it even beats meerca chase (in my opinion.) The best part about it, is how it does not take long to reach 1000 points. Maybe a max of 5 minutes or so. That is wonderful, and 3000 neopoints in 15 minutes (3 submissions) isn’t half-bad – jazrabbitt

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