Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Bakery Guide by cozmicat

Kym Huynh —  July 24, 2016 — Leave a comment

Craving something warm and sweet? Well in this game you get to toast and ice fine pastries yourself! Upon starting a new game, click on the text below either of the characters to choose them as your avatar. In this case, a techo, grundo, kacheek, and chia are available. After choosing, you will enter the factory with a cordless, shiny toaster above your head. The object of this game is to guide your character beneath the falling strudels. Once one is caught, the lights on the front of your toaster will light up one at a time. When the light hits green, you push the up arrow on your keyboard to release the warmed strudel. A package of colorful icing will magically appear in the air above the spot where you ejected the tartlet. If it hits the packet, it will plummet back down toward the ground, steaming and covered with icing! If you scramble beneath the coated strudel as it’s falling and catch it in your mouth, you will collect a few bonus points. Sounds easy, eh? The krawk cook (whom opens the refrigerator door backwards, heh), will move faster each level, causing the Pillsbury pastries to rain down hard and fast upon your neopet. Miss five and your game ends.

Remember that you don’t *have* to ice those strudels! When you get to the insane, higher levels, you won’t have enough time to wait for the strudel in your toaster to..er..toast. Eject them as quickly as possible and catch them right away, even if they only are half cooked – cozmicat

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