Petpet Rescue Guide by pale-september

Kym Huynh —  June 3, 2018 — Leave a comment

All right, for all you avid Avatar collectors, who are having a few troubles with this game, let me see if I can make it a teensy bit easier. Now remember, these are just a few hints and tips. Petpet Rescue is a really mostly skill, and little luck. But hopefully with these few steps, you’ll be able to get that avatar a little quicker.

#1) In the first level, you need 4 petpets. if you have the patience, keep restarting the game until you see 4 gems. Why? Well, it gives you more points of course! The more gems, the easier it is to get the 250 points faster.

Recue a petpet = 10 points
Getting a purple gem = 5 points
4 petpets + 4 gems = 60 points for level one. + 25 point bonus for getting all the gems

Level 1 (if you follow my instructions) = 85 points!

#2) Take your time in the first level. Don’t want to be losing lives already do we? NO! (That was a firm N-O). If you lose a life in the first level, guess what? Start again! It makes life a little easier.

#3) Keep a note of how many petpets you need to rescue each level. Second level, the amount goes up to 6 petpets!

Rescue 1 petpet = 10 points
Get a purple gem = 5 points
Get a blue gem = 10 points
6 petpets = 60 points
Assortment of gems? I usually get 2 blue and 1 purple. So that would be 25 points.
60 + 25 = 85 + 25 point bonus for getting all the gems = 110 points
110 + 85 (level 1) = 195

That means you just need 55 more points!

Try to get the petpets from farthest away first in the second level and work your way forward. Better to get the harder ones out of the way right? During the second level, you’ll probably run out of time. That’s all right. It’s just one life right? If you lose another, it’s okay. You still have one left.

#4) Once you finish the second level, keep an eye on how many petpets you need for level three. Now, usually if you do decently in level three, you’ll get that 250 points! Like I said before, get the farthest away petpets before the closer ones.

In Level 3 you need to rescue 8 petpets!
But you only need 55 points right?
So you could get say 3 purple gems, and 4 petpets, and there you go! It’s up to you what combination you choose.

This level, since you might only have one life left, you have to practice a bit. Rushing is a bit of an essential to get those points. Sometimes you’ll luck out and get a few good gems. If that happens to you, congratulations! If not. Keep trying.

Basically, these are just some hints to help you out. The real way to get those 250 points, is practice, practice, practice. But once you practice enough, and you finally get those 250 points, it will feel so so worth it! So work hard my friends, and remember, practice makes perfect!

Kym Huynh


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