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Well, on a whim, I wanted to write you a guide to thank you for all the little tips and guides you’ve got on there, they’ve already helped me and I’ve only been a visitor for about a week. So without further ado, your NeoWardrobe guide. Within a week, I’ll try to get the missing part to you.

Neowardrobe Guide

– By the illustrious yet unknown Amalthiea167 (on neopets anyway…)

Admit it. Like me, you also love to unlock the animations. And though most of them are pretty darn obvious, you may just feel a little lazy. That’s where I come in, dearest friends. You’ll have to use a little deductive thinking to know what I’m talking about since I don’t have access to a web space with enough bandwidth to take screenshots (and I don’t have enough knowledge to take a screenshot in flash anyway) and post them, so just be smart about it and LOOK before you panic. Warning for modemers like myself: The game itself and the pets take forever to load, and you get no NP, but this is good clean fun.

This guide will be listed in an easily viewed order. First the name of the pet. Then the kooky and annoying name I give the particular outfit, and what is included in it. For the example, we’ll use Peophin (I’m aware there is currently no neowardrobe for this pet, but there should be!).

~ Splish! Splash!
– Fins
– Beads etc.

Very simple, but sometimes an explanation is warranted. Sometimes what seems to make sense to you makes no sense to anyone else.

Note that usually the article of clothing (and accessory, as the scenario requires) clicks into place when you get it in the general area. For example, the palette should be placed near the hand, etc. They’ll just snap into place, but if you have all the articles and it still won’t show up, just make sure they’re all on. There’s also this nifty function in which the article of clothing will return to its original place if you click the outline of it.

Enough nonsensical chatter, on with the guide!

*clarifying note* If you hover your pointer over the article of clothing, it will give you the name. These are the names I am using to prevent confusion.

The Blumaroo Set

~ J’aime l’art! (I like art)
– Beret (1st page)
– Striped jumper (1st page)
– Palette with paints (1st page. It should be the wooden thing with little daubs of paint on it, if you aren’t an artist.)
– A well groomed moustache (2nd page)

~ The Halloween Outfit
– Witches hat (1st page)
– A mysterious black Aisha (2nd page)
– Broom stick (turbo model) (2nd page)

~The Unexpected Animation
– Stylish hat with cork accessories (1st page)
– These shoes are made for walking…(2nd page, the brown ones)
– Keep cool in summer with this safari suit (2nd page)
– Enjoy burnt food anywhere with a portable barbeque (2nd page)

~ Aloha…or not
– A flower for your hair (1st page)
– A flower garland (1st page)
– Grass skirt(2nd page)

~ Reporting Live
– Microphone (1st page)
– Smart jacket (dry clean only) (1st page)
– White shirt (2nd page)
– Leather shoes (2nd page)
– Tie (2nd page)

And that’s all for the blumaroo, folks!

The Kacheek Set

~ Aye, We Be Scottish!
– Bagpipes (1st page)
– A bushy ginger beard (1st page)
– No, it’s not a dress, it’s a kilt (2nd page)
– A tartan cap(2nd page)

~ Old Society
– An elegant hat (1st page)
– Dress with flower pattern (2nd page)
– Protect yourself from the sun with a parasol (2nd page)

~ Proof the 60’s Really Aren’t Over
– A rainbow coloured bobble hat (1st page)
– A ‘well worn’ woollen cardigan(1st page)
– Improve your outlook on life with these rose tinted glasses (1st page)
– Sandals, perfect for summer (2nd page)

~ Athletics
– Bright white tennis shorts(1st page)
– A stylish and practical headband (1st page)
– Cotton tennis shirt (2nd page)
– Tennis racket (2nd page)

~ Villany Ahoy!
– A long flowing black cape (1st page)
– A walking cane (1st page)
– Smart bowler hat (2nd page)
– Twisty moustache and sinister glowing eyes (2nd page)

And thus have you completed the Kacheeck, dear wanderer. On to the Chia.

The Chia Set

(I’m sorry, but even after a half hour this one will not load on my computer. I’ve been having some trouble. I will send this to you when I get my other computer up and running. If I’m not able to fix that computer, I think someone else will have to contribute. All apologies.)

The JubJub Set

~ A Night on the Rave
– Glasses with useful light attachment (1st page)
– You can’t mix without a set of headphones (1st page)
– A set of decks and a mixer (2nd page)

~ Winter Wonderland (or, Frosty the Jub Jub)
– Two lumps of coal for eyes and a carrot for a nose (1st page)
– Keep a snowman warm with a scarf (I hope he doesn’t melt) (1st page)
– This looks like snowbody I know (groan) (1st page)
– A giant snowball. Perfect to make a snowman’s head. (2nd page)

~ Halloween Spirit
– The top of a pumpkin, I wonder if anyone eat the rest of it? (1st page…fix that Neopets, it isn’t grammatical!)
– A Halloween pumpkin (2nd page)
– A flickering candle (2nd page)

~ On the Yacht
– Wrap around shades (1st page)
– Shoes in special JubJub size (1st page)
– Wrap around hat (2nd page…now that’s one creepy thing to name a hat…)

This concludes the fun to write (albeit, rather long) NeoWardrobe guide. Have fun! Neomail me at amalthiea167 to show your gratitude in the form of a gift… or just email me at to ask a question. There’s a small chance I might be able to help you. – Rika

Kym Huynh


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