NeoWardrobe Guide by Christina

Kym Huynh —  March 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

1. Aisha:
use the ski goggles, snowboard, scarf and woolly ski cap

use the crisp freshly ironed shirt, the apron and the cheese market employee cap

use the robotic tail with sattelite dish, the ears with advanced sound filtering capabilities, (the result of years of careful research)ai.303,and the cyborg aisha head

use the stylish eyewear with uv protection, the peach hat, the latest in designer knitwear and the trousers hot off the catwalk

use the pirates hat with traditional skull and crossbones, the cutlass, eyepatch and gold earrings

use the hypno eys (the red swirly things), lab coat with various chemical stains and the hair that looks like it hasn’t been brushed recently

use the suit of armor, the night’s helmet, sword and the flame resistant shield

use the football bottoms, football helmet, football shirt and football

use the black trousers, the blue suede shoes, cheeseburger, silk shirt and spectacular quiff

use the mysterious black aisha, the witch’s hat and broomstick

use the stylish hat with cork accessories, stylish safari suit, bbq in a box and comfortable shoes made for walking

use the flower garland, a flower for your hair and grass skirt

use the microphone, white shirt, tie, leather shoes and smart jacket

use the beret, striped jumper, well groomed mustache and pallet with paint

use the elegant hat, dress with flower pattern and parasol

use the rose tinted glasses, rainbow colored bobble hat and well worn woolen cardigan

use the bagpipes, bushy ginger beard, kilt and tartan cap

use the flowing black cape, walking cane, twisty mustache and sinister glowing eyes, smart bowler hat

use the bright white tennis shorts, headband, tennis racket and tennis shirt

use the space helmet, spacesuit thingy and jetpack control box

use the phat pants, big skate shoes, sweatshirt with sewn in elbow pads and skateboard

use the running vest, sports watch, white running sneakers and running shorts

Ii couldn’t figure out this last one. –

Kym Huynh


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