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If you follow this guide it will easily get you 1k each play every time! So read up and get out there and play as much as you want; who knows you might even get a trophy!


The point of this game is to help Cylara and Gorix survive the dread planet of Kreludor. Help them gather up their ship parts without them getting killed by the evil inhabitants of Kreludor. It is either kill or be killed so kill all enemies in your way. They must complete all the levels in order for you to truly win the game, but it is still fun to just play and see how far you can go. If you beat all 20 levels then you win the game, and they are free.

Ratio: 125 NPS:100 PTS

First Step Is Choosing Your Character

Gorix or Cylara

There isn’t much of a difference between the two so that part is up to you. Their speed (speed), range (distance), and accuracy are all the same. I personally use Cylara for no real reason though. Just pick your favorite character.


This is probably the most important factor in the game….SHOOTING! In order to shoot an enemy you must face the enemy from about 3 spaces away and press space. This will shoot a laser beam at the enemy and kill it. You can only fire one shot at a time. When you hit the enemy, it turns into a rock. These rocks are important; they are how you cover up lava (the red) and kill enemies for points. When an area is blocked around with lava, you must fire a rock into the lava and make a bridge in a sense to get into the area. In order to move a rock get on the side of it and press space; it will launch until it hits something. Moving is simple it is the arrow keys. Up moves you up, down moves you down, left moves you left, and right moves you right. Simple? I thought so.


Never rush in unless again short on time. Try to think of the safest, most efficient way in. Just because it may look extremely open for the win; doesn’t mean that there aren’t enemies waiting to kill you. Always try to avoid crossing paths with a robot also when you are trying to get through safely as they fire rocks when you go in front of them. They almost never miss; try to go behind them or shoot them in the back.

Be careful at this, and don’t do anything stupid that would lose you a life considering you only have three! Losing one here or there doesn’t mean you should restart just try to keep at least two by level ten.


Throughout the game you will come to a point where you are trapped in a room where there are no rocks around and you need to cross the lava. In this case you must wait for an enemy to get to the spot you need it and go for the kill; it will make a stone and then push the stone and that is how to cross the lava when there are no rocks around. If there are enemies appearing in the area you just opened up to, then wait outside the room if you have time and shoot the enemy as he tries to leave. That will block it off and the map is yours again. Try to do that every time unless short on time, then you must move as quick as possible.


Killing your enemies by shooting them does not give you points sadly. You can push a rock and if it kills them then you get 1 point for the first one it hits; 5 points if that rock hits another; 10 points if it hits another and so on. The main way though is to gather all the parts in the game. The parts range from being worth 1 points-250 points. All you need to get is 800 points in order for your prize to be 1000 neopoints. It will not take long either considering how quick this game becomes after you practice. Anything after 800 is just for good measures. Who knows keep trying and one day maybe your name will be on the High-Score Table.


The great thing about this game is that when you lose on a high level you don’t have to worry about not reaching the end. Once you hit level five it acts as as checkpoint. You can die anywhere from level five-nine and you will restart at level five. You will lose all your point but get all your lives back. Your laser will only fir one space instead of three. If you hit level ten it acts as a checkpoint. If you die anywhere from level ten-fourteen then on the main menu click continue game. Your score will reset and you will get three lives again starting at level ten, but your shooting range is cut from three blocks distance to one. If you die anywhere from level fifteen-nineteen then click continue game again on the main menu. This time you will start on level 15 which means only five more levels till you win! The same set back is still present though. You can only fire one space. That means you have to stand directly next to the enemy for the kill.


The game has a few hints to help you along the way. If you want to get a little extra help then go ahead and type them in. Make sure you are in a safe spot when you are typing them in, or just type them in while in the menu that says “Press Space to Continue”.

Rampage – Gets you 1 extra life.

Novisitors – This will add 30 seconds to your time, but only for one round so choose wisely.

Superlaser – This will double the range of your laser, but only for one round so choose wisely.

Picture Description

The rock your enemy turns into once killed.
When a rock hits this it shoots back.
Number of Lives.
The box that makes robots (comes in many colors, mostly yellow).
This is where all the rock enemies originate from; block it off if you can.
Just for decoration.
The first and easiest enemy is the walking rock; this one will just appear in one spot and walk around until it gets its kill. Once you kill this one it turns into stone and then a new one appears in a different spot. This enemy will always appear near a volcano.
The second enemy and probably the hardest to fight is the rock that looks like a worm. This one can burrow and appear as it pleases. These ones can burrow and appear right under you for an instant kill so try to go quick when these things are around. Once you kill them they will appear in a different spot and reek havoc once again. This only appears at the volcano its first time, and from there it burrows and does as it pleases.
Second Enemy Burrowing.
The third enemy is the rock walking on with it’s arms. This poses the same threat as the first enemy as it does all the same things as the first. The only thing different is the fact that this one is faster and it is also smarter. This thing will actually follow you at times. This enemy comes from the volcanoes as well.
The fourth and final enemy is the robot. This one is not much of a threat except that it can push rocks and kill you with them. These appear from the different colored boxes that are around the field. Once you kill them do not go near the explosion as it can kill you. They will appear again unless you push rocks around the box and clog the exit.
Worth 1 Point.
Worth 5 Points.
Worth 10 Points.
Worth 25 Points.
Worth 50 Points.
Worth 100 Points.
Worth 250 Points.
Unknown, Really Random.
Unknown, Really Random.
Unknown, Really Random.
Unknown, Really Random.
Unknown, Really Random.


Questions and Answers

Q: What do I do when there is a glitch and I walk through a rock?
A: Just Ignore it and go past it; if you needed the rock then kill an enemy and use that rock.

Q: What do I do if I can’t beat all the levels with only three lives?
A: Type in the code, Rampage, and if that doesn’t work; you can just lose and press continue on the main menu and play from there.

Q: What should I do when there is the glitch where the rock creature can’t move?
A: Well try to go around it if you can, or if it is in your way then kill it and go by as quick as possible (a new enemy is bound to appear soon).

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