Monsters Inc, Canister Collector Guide by Shoyru_Lover

Shoyru_Lover —  December 24, 2017 — 3 Comments

Ever play a game of ping pong and wonder why on earth the other player won when you should’ve clearly won? Or think that the judging is extremely biased and that point should have gone to you? Well this game will definitely be a dejavu experience for you! Not only is it very annoying because you never win, it will leave you complaining that the other player should have been penalized for that deliberate attempt at cheating!

A game of well, a game where moving your paddle left and right is all that matters, you have to protect your quarter circle from the rampaging likes of the ball. With three levels to choose from, the final level (x3 overall point bonus) can only be accessed if the game is won on intermediate mode.

So what makes this game so hard you ask? In a logical sense, if you press left, you would expect the paddle to move left. But oh no! It chooses to move right instead. That is, if you press left, it will move to the left of the screen, however if you look at it from the point of view of the paddle, it is really moving right. Confusing isn’t it. Takes a while to get a hang of it but practice always makes perfect.

One of the most hardest aspects of this game is the overtly small sized paddle which you are equipped with. With such a small tool, no wonder it is so easy to strike out within the first two minutes of the game. Play it safe and keep your paddle hovering around the middle of the quarter circle and you should be in business.

Most of the characters except Randell (the snake camouflage dude) will be very easy to defeat. That is, their paddles tend to move to the far left then far right in a repeated manner. Randell however follows the ball. Very hard to beat unless you can hitch it so the ball rebounds off Randell’s paddle, into a circle rebounder and back into, hopefully, an unoccupied space.

This game is riddled with extra power ups. Their effects are as follows:

Speed Up: Increase ball speed
Speed Down: Decrease ball speed
x2 Paddle: Paddle sized made whooper! (keep in middle of quarter circle for best results)
Screen Divide: Divides the screen into two creating mayhem in the unlucky side with the ball stuck on it.
Shield: Creates a shield for one player
Multiple Ball: Creates an extra ball for even more fun!

To receive the power ups for a certain player, the ball must hit the power up directly after the ball has been rebounded off that players paddle. For instance, if the ball bounces off Mary’s paddle than hits the Shield upgrade, then Mary will have a brand new sparkling shield to protect her! Isn’t that wonderful? ^_^

Well there you have it. The game guide in a nutshell. Good luck with the game and hey, if you don’t win, no sweat. The neopoint gains are nothing to be laughed at! Good luck! – Shoyru_Lover



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3 responses to Monsters Inc, Canister Collector Guide by Shoyru_Lover

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