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Kym Huynh —  November 12, 2017 — Leave a comment

Ok, so you’re wanting to hear a game guide about Meerca Chase I. And yes, you can still access it from other the game graveyard and get neopoints from it. First of all, if you are now just beginning, don’t jump ahead and say “Oh! Oh! I’m going to start on the hardest level because I’m soooo good at this game already!” This is what I’ll do to you. Point and laugh.

Getting to Know Your Inner Meerca

Ok, so you have a Meerca and you use the arrow keys to move the Meerca around. Avoid the red neggs of course. I actually think that your tail can hit a red negg and be ok, but that doesn’t really help a lot. Unless one appears right in the middle of your tail, but that rarely happens, sorry to say.

The Neggs

Easy Medium Hard
1 5 8
3 15 24
4 20 32
5 25 40
10 50 80
20 100 160
20 100 400

Now naturally, we will all want the fish negg. While you’re playing the game, saying here fish negg, here fish neggie, here fish negg, come on fish neggie, will not help. How do I know? I’ve tried this. And only a few times has it worked, but that was just luck. It’s just pure luck to get the fish negg.

For the Beginners

As I have said before, do not start on the hardest level. Now, what I did, is I started on easy level. After I conquered the easy level, then I moved onto the medium level. Now, I know that some of you are going to be saying, “Mommy! The girl on PPT said to start on the easy level but it’s toooo easy!” Well, if you are one of those people then just start on the medium. But DON’T start on the hard level. You are not ready for that. Even I, the master of all games, 0_o, had to start at the beginning. Practice hard and you’ll eventually get up there. Meerca chase is basically a game of skill and luck.

For the Old Timers/ Avatar Wanters

Ok, so you’ve practiced and practiced and practiced, and you still aren’t good at it/ don’t have the avatar. Sometimes, if you’re aiming for neopoints/ the avatar, it’s actually better to start on the medium level. It’s slower, and although it doesn’t earn as many neopoints as the hard level, it still gets more points than the easy level. Whenever something is slower, you can take your time more and avoid those stupid red neggs! Medium is better, and so that means don’t be stubborn and say, “I’m so much better than that!” Because you’re wrong I’m sorry to tell you. Sometimes I say that to myself and I have to just give myself a slap in the face and just say that I am wrong. – fire_in_the_night

Kym Huynh


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