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It is said that all Meepit require their daily Juppie Juice fix to function properly, and in this game where the path to feeding each Meepit with juice is congested with an assortment of pipes, you have to find a way to arrange the pipes, so that when you pour the juice down a selected pipe, it will find it’s way to the hungry Meepit’s mouth.

What you see in the picture above is what is referred to as the Juice-O-Matic. This machine is comprised of many white pipes located in the center of the screen, which you will have to manipulate so that a direct pipe line can be made from the juice source (left of the screen) to the Meepit sitting in the tree (right of the screen). Clicking on a white pipe will rotate it clockwise and there is no limit on how many times the pipes may be clicked. However be warned that there is a time limit on how long the hungry Meepit will essentially wait for you to feed it. These times can be seen by the number which appears above the Meepits head, however I will discuss these strategies later on in this guide.

Meepits will not discriminate based on what color Juppie Juice you feed it. However, it does exhibit preferences to what it likes. For example, while you may receive one point for each connected pipe that leads to a Meepit establishing pipe connection with the juice, if you are able to feed a blue Meepit some Juice from the blue pipes, your potential score doubles for every pipe that is connected from the juice source to the Meepit.

Therefore, if you wanted to maximize your score, you should aim to add as many pipes to your main connection as possible. However, keep your eye on the timer, as it is quintessential that you feed the Meepit before time runs out. In the picture above, I was successful in connecting the Blue Meepit with Blue Juppie Juice. This means I would receive double the score I would normally receive if the Juice color was not the same (there are 25 pipe pieces connecting the juice source to the Meepit. Normally I would receive 25 points but because they are color matched, I receive 50 instead). If you look at the image above carefully, you will have noticed that I could have made a more direct path from the juice source to the Meepit. However I had an extra 30 seconds, so I added extra point returns by taking a longer path to the Meepit. Isaac Soloman also points out that if you connect ALL the pipes in one level, you will gain a super bonus of +50 points – perfect for the beginning levels where time is most you will get for the entire game!

As you progress through the levels, you will begin to notice that some pipes will appear to have fruit hovering over them. This provides you with extra avenues to maximize your score. If you can connecting the juice to your Meepit and have the fruit pipe connected to your pipe, you will gain a good boost in points. For example, the fruit pipe above will give you an extra 10 points! Note that later on in the game, rotten apples will appear. These will negate your overall points if you run your juice source through them.

Each level you progress will require you to feed a certain number of Meepits. When you reach level two, more Meepits will start appearing in the tree, each with their own individual timer. As you progress further, a maximum of three Meepits will appear. Understandably this will start to become a little difficult to feed each Meepit in time, therefore a good strategy is to construct the pipes in such a way, where it will allow more than one Meepit to be feed. There are many implications to this which will be discussed further below.

Firstly, examine how the pipe is constructed. It is done in such a way where two Meepits are able to be feed at once enabling you to feed all Meepits within their time limits. Also note that by doing this, your point gains are given a higher multiplier, resulting in even more point returns! Next notice that the pipes are arranged in such a way that as many pipes that were possible were connected up giving me even more point returns (as the more pipes you have connected, the more points you receive). You may notice that I could have connected more pipes than what is shown up there, however I was running out of time – and this is an important point. Always make feeding the Meepits in time your number one priority. Next note that the pipes are also running through bonus fruits giving me an extra 20 points (two +10 point fruits). As you can see, there are many things that are occurring at once during this game. It may sound complicated, but believe me that you’ll be automatically doing all this while you play.

The last concept of the game you should know is the as mentioned before, the color of the Meepits. Essentially, you will see a blue, yellow or red Meepit. However there are times, such as in the image above where the Meepit is a mix of these colors. This is where connecting source pipes of different colors together comes into play. If you look at the above image once again, you should note that I have connected the red and blue pipes to produce a violet colored juice for the violet Meepit. Now note that I have done all this while performing all other point boosting activities – effectively stacking up my points for major points which leads me to a high score trophy!

This game isn’t as complicated as it seems. As in most games, you’ll learn it if you play it. Good luck! – Shoyru_Lover

Kym Huynh


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