Maths Nightmare Guide by legendmen

Kym Huynh —  October 1, 2017 — Leave a comment

To start, the point of this game is to answer the math problems the Babaas give you before they touch down on land. If they do, you get one strike. Three strikes and you lose! Use the arrow keys to select a question and use the number keys to input your answer. If it’s right, that Babaa will be gone. Clear out all the Babaas and you’ll go to the next round.

Now that I’ve done the basics, let us get started! When you click Start Game, you will have a choice between 5 difficulties. If you are weak at any of the 4 operations, do the one you are best at. If you are very good at all the operations (Like I am!), then do random. In the game, there are 4 operations. + means addition, – means Subtraction, * means multiplication, and / means division. Get the problem wrong and you have to try it again, also wasting precious time!

There are 2 types of Babaas. The normal ones you can usually do in your head within a few seconds. They’re usually more common. There are also mutant Babaas. Those math problems are usually extremely hard to answer and you may have to take a few seconds to do them on scratch or do them on a calculator.

As you get to the later rounds, the problems tend to get harder. Always try to keep your chances as long as possible. Remember, 3 strikes and you’re out!

Okay. Now that I’ve told you the rules, instructions, and any Math Nightmares info, good luck and have fun. Remember, I’m legendmen from neopets – legendmen

Kym Huynh


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