Kass Basher Guide by Grace Nicholas

Kym Huynh —  June 8, 2018 — Leave a comment

Tips & Strategy

Always wait until wind speed is at 9. ALWAYS. Usually the speed increases by two, so if it starts out at an odd number, and especially if it starts out high, like 5 or 7, your chances of hitting 9 are higher. If it’s at 8, it can only go to 7 or 6, and if it goes to 7, there’s the chance it’ll become 9. This might be a little confusing, but when you’re playing, just keep in mind that your magic number in this game is NINE!

Whack Kass at the opportune moment. Through experience, I’ve found that hitting the Kass when it’s at your Blumaroo’s ears is about the perfect height. Not only does your bat connect wonderfully with the poor puppet, the higher elevation also gives you more air time, allowing the Kass to travel further. This, however, is easier said than done. It does take some practice and concentration, but you should get the hang of it in no time. Besides, another try is just a click away!

Be sure to hit the Kass plushie at a high angle. This is achieved by hitting the Kass as soon as it gets close to the bat. So, when you click to release kass from the tree, try and hit him as SOON as possible.

Be sure to hold down your left mouse button until Kass reaches his peak in the air.

That image above really shows the key to the game. Hold your mouse button until Kass begins to descend, then click again to bounce (as he hits the ground). This results in an ultra-far hit! 🙂 – Grace Nicholas

Kym Huynh


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